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Day 108: 193.5

YAHOOOOO! That is a total weight loss of 3.5 lbs this week. This brings my total weight loss in 2007 to 21.5 lbs!! Not too shabby. I think I have figured out my portion sizes.. and that seems to be making the big difference! Also, my wogging has become , do I dare say it, FUN. Yes, I am loving my morning woggs and because of this new found joy I wogg every morning. I may not do 3 miles every day, but 1 mile here and there makes my days so much better.

So it is the first day of the new year tomorrow. I am excited, depressed...and sad. Excited because I know that this year will be the year that I finally hit my goal. No more squeezing into jeans, no more running out of breath when playing with the girls, no more feelings of embarrassment at family gatherings! Depressed because on April 25th I will be 30 years old, and to me that just seems old... but at the same time I know that every pound I lose I feel better.. so maybe, just maybe being 30 wont be so bad. Last, I am sad because my babies will be another year older... and every mother knows that the years just seem to fly by. My baby will be 3 in June and 'sister' will be 5 this year. So sad, so sad.

Anyway, I am not making any new year resolutions because we all know that they never get done. Instead I am going to wake up tomorrow morning, and every morning after that with one thought in mind... "lets do this!"

Today is also my measurement day...

Aug. 43/ 40.5/ 44
Sept 41/ 38.5/ 43
Oct. 40.5 / 37 / 42
Nov. 39.75/ 36.5/ 42
Dec. 39 / 36 / 42 for a total of 10.5 inches lost.

This brings me to the end of my 17 week challenge. I have lost 15.5 lbs and 10.5 inches in that time. So, when you finish one you might as well start another! So, my next personal challenge will be a 16 week challenge.. that brings me to the week of my 30th birthday and if I lose another 15 lbs by then I will be 178.5 and THAT would be a wonderful birthday present to myself!

Another motivation is on February 9th. Hubby's brothers and sisters and their spouses are playing a softball game against FIL's new wife's kids and their spouses. When you get us all in one room there are 13 kids and 10 spouses and more grandkids then I can count right now.. so we are meeting in the city and playing against each other. We are all very competitive... but I would like to be able to show off a little.. if you know what I mean! So that is about 6 weeks away...

We are staying home tonight and enjoying each other... I hope you all have a wonderful years end and I will see you tomorrow!


Carrie said...

Great work! You are so motivating!! Keep up the awesome work in the new year!

Happy New Year!!

groovybabe said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment! You are doing so well! I remember when you were struggling over keeping it under 200 and now you're 193! AMAZING! What a great thought that we will be at our goal weighs in this coming year!!! I've lost another pound today and am now 204. It does come off easily when we're focused doesnt it? Good for you and happy new year! xx

P.O.M. said...

Congratulations! You are doing great. Don't be too bummed about turning 30. It's really not that bad. Plus you are going to be in the best shape and feeling awesome!

Happy new year.

Tiffany said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I know you will be able to lose another 15 pounds in the next 16 weeks. That is the kind of weight loss that will stay of too. I am also not looking to 2008 because I will be 30 in October - yuck!! Can't I just stay in my 20's forever.

Laura N said...

Hooray for a big loss! Great measurement results, too. I don't make NY resolutions either because there's too much pressure and they are set up to fail. But I'm thinking about some GOALS for 2008, which maybe I'll set on Groundhog's day. =)

Enjoy your night with the family. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I love you
Happy New year!!
You are beautiful!!

Tiffany said...

congrats on the 3.5 pounds lost! I turned 30 in September. Once you hit 30 it isn't that bad-it's the months leading up to your birthday that gets ya.

Keep it up!

Cory said...

Great work! Keep it up!