Thursday, December 06, 2007

Day 83:198

Why am I more enthusiastic about this whole 'healthy living' in the morning then the afternoon? I do fantastic every morning. Eating a healthy breakfast, snack and lunch. The second that clock hits 2pm I am starving, and I don't care a thing about healthy living. As far as I'm concerned I will die if I don't eat a peanut butter sandwich or two RIGHT NOW. I guess the only things that has saved me so far is that by dinner I am not hungry and eat a cup of veggies. Is it my body telling me I need to eat more for lunch? Is it my lack of self control when temptation starts to hit? How do I keep my 'gung ho' attitude all day? I need to find a snack that will keep me full and still on track. I don't crave sweet, I crave bread! Yes, bread. I love crackers but have learned from the past that I cant stop eating them and will finish a box in one sitting. Same thing goes for those 100 calorie packs...If they are so low cal then I can have more then one!! LOL.. So my blog friends, I need for you to give me your best ideas on a mid afternoon snack that will fill me up...keep in mind I am broke, so no expensive protein bars or fancy food! LOL What is your favorite mid-morning snack??

I did nothing today. Not even a walk. I tried, oh how I tried.. but after 3 minutes I just couldn't get the energy up to continue. My legs felt so heavy...and my lungs did not want to hold air. So I am taking today off as an official 'do nothing' day. Tomorrow is a weight lifting day...and I plan on hitting my 5K again. I am scared of getting burned out. It has happened before...but I am also afraid of not doing enough... taking too many days off and then falling back into my old lazy day self. Tomorrow I WILL run... I WILL work out... I WILL!

Today I am staying focused on my food. I didn't go over in calories but I ate 10, yes 10 slices of bread yesterday. Not in one sitting, but still!!! Dinner was a cup of cauliflower...this can't go on. Time to re-think my eating schedule.


Calories 1469
Fat 48
carbs 204
prot. 91

I am planning a bigger lunch today, maybe that will keep me full until dinner.


Jill said...

I get the same way, but I've learned that eating more earlier in the day helps. Try adding some more protein to lunch and then plan a substantial snack for the afternoon. One of my favorite afternoon snacks is an apple with peanut butter. Or a bowl of cereal is good too. Of course my favorite favorite is cake, but um, that wouldn't help you, so just forget that one! And don't be hard on yourself, just experiment until you find what works for you! Hang in there!

Tamara said...

You have the right ideas, just go a bit further with them.

Bigger breakfast, slightly smaller lunch and a small dinner.
Add in a protein at breakfast and lunch and that will help you stay full longer.

At 2:00 (or when you find yourself starving) have PB on celery stalks. Filling & healthy.

Should eat 3 meals + 2 little snacks in the day to keep blood sugars regular and helps avoid spikes - that's when you become starving.

Keep up the great work! I check your blog everyday to see how you are progressing. It's been inspriring as I am currenlty sucking at healthy eating :)

Randi said...

Both those ladies suggested peanut butter and I get their point but you sound like me (especially with the craving bread! mmmmm toast...) and I cannot control my peanut butter intake. Portion means nothing. So instead I suggest eating 20 almonds at the end of lunch. Don't eat them when you're starving because they take awhile to "kick in". And 20 is really all you need. But about 1/2 an hour after you eat them, you feel totally satisfied and full and just not hungry at all. So you can have them after lunch or you could eat them 1/2 an hour BEFORE you usually get hungry.

totegirl said...

Hey lady! I feel you, gal. I am ravenous right now, and I had a great breakfast and lunch! I have veggie soup for a snack, but also, how about some hard-boiled egg whites? You could make an egg salad sandwich with some egg whites, mustard, ff mayo, and some high-fiber, sugarfree bread?

Keep up the good work, though. You are on the path, and that's what counts!

Fatinah said...

I snack on 1/2 cup of Activia non-fat peach yogurt. Or an apple with a tbs of peanut butter. Or a granola bar.
A peanut butter sandwich is not a bad snack - I would have it on weight watchers bread which is low cal and limit it to one tbs of peanut butter. There are no bad foods, just wonky portion sizes. Are you eating protein in the a.m.? I find that makes a HUGE difference for me. Don't give up! And remember calories are calories - eat bread if that is what you like, but only if you can manage the're doing GREAT!!!!