Monday, December 17, 2007

Day 94:197

Broke even. Two weeks of kicking butt and eating everything in site and I broke even. A heck of a lot better then I expected. This weekend was packed with Christmas parties, cookies, cakes, dinner out and no time to workout. I walked 2 miles yesterday and 2 miles this morning in hopes that the gain would not be too bad. So, I succeeded! Now I have to focus on eating right all week so that I will see a loss on Christmas Eve. I think my goal of 189 on Christmas morning is out of the question, but at this point I will be happy just to see a loss of any size!

So, to share a little of what went on this weekend:

My Aunt and Great Aunt flew in from Texas and California to surprise my grandmother at her Christmas party. I picked them up at the airport and we ended up surprising them at dinner at Fiesta Mexicana. It was a fun night!

The next night was the Christmas Party. 28 woman (including my two girls and a friends two girls!) chattering and laughing all night. It was a blast. We did a gift exchange and I got an iron coat rack with horses along the top. It is beautiful and makes a beautiful addition to my house!

Saturday afternoon was a nice visit with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause at our church. The girls were a little cautious and would only go up with each other and not alone!

Hubby is working out of town all week and wont be back until Thursday. I hate it when he is gone. Nights always drag on and the days are even worse. I think the best thing out of all of this is that the house will be spotless by the time he is home! LOL

I am back on track with food ,which feels really good. Water is lagging a little bit, but an easy fix! I walked this morning and will probably walk tonight after the girls go to bed out of shear boredom!! LOL


Christine said...

Hey! Congrats on breaking even. I have 1 work week left until the Christmas Buffet Weekend begins. Three days and three huge meals! ARgh! Take care!

Laura N said...

Hey girl, how are things? It is funny how our ups and downs seem to coincide, isn't it? Hope your week w/o hubby goes quickly. Your weekend parties sounded like fun. BIG HUGS!