Thursday, March 29, 2007

April Challenge

It is that time again. Another month has flown by and a new month is waiting to begin. This year is going to go by fast... and my fear is that I will end it not looking much different then I do now. I guess I could look at it in a positive light and say "well, at least I wont be heavier then when it started"... and that would make me feel better, for a second. In truth, I need to quit kidding myself and start really focusing on how I can make this year end the way I want it to. I know my weakness... food. So I need to focus on that. My exorcising I have no problem with. In fact I think I am becoming a Tae Bo expert.. but it will not do a damn thing unless I start eating healthy and watching my portions. That is my April challenge.. to focus everyday on everything that I can do to make this happen. My 29th birthday is on the 25th of April. That also happens to be my weigh in day. So my goal is to see a weight loss on that day. In all reality it should at least be a 4 lb loss. So my goal for April is to weigh in at 202 at the end of the month. If I don't, then I am seriously lacking in my ways.

Yesterday went well. I dropped the girls off at my moms where my oldest girl got lost in her world of animals... and my youngest ran around in Granny's high heals and a princess dress. too cute!

I got pricked and prodded. I did learn that I need to get my eyes checked one day soon. When they were checking my eye sight, I covered my right eye and looked at that chart... only to see the BIG E at the top. That's it.. good grief. Everything else went fine. I have to go back tomorrow to have my TB test read, and we have to wait for the drug test to come back. I don't know if anyone else does this.. but even though I have never done any drugs, other then those given by prescription.. a drug test always makes me nervous. Mostly because I've heard that alot of foods can give off a false positive. Huh. I have no doubt that the test will come back fine.... I think I'm just paranoid.

Yesterdays snow melted within hours of it falling. So it wasn't too bad. But it was alot colder then the 80 degrees of last week. Today is just as cold, so nothing fun to do outside. hmph. I think I will workout. I am a little hesitant because I am still feeling the affects of my cold.. but, its time I quit slacking.

Have a wonderful day..


Amber said...

You can definitely get down to 202. I think you have set out some great goals!

Cory said...

I think you will make it. You'll be working so hard at it that there is no other option, right?

Anonymous said...

LOL@ the drug test, I get the same way, but thats pretty much every test I take!! Glad to see someone else feels that way too, and dont sweat the weight loss. Keep up the good work and then all of a sudden itll all fall off

Anonymous said...

You can do it! You know you can!

No worries about food causing you a false positive - unless you are inhaling mass quantities of poppy seeds! (opiate derivative).
If it was just a 5 or 10 panel drug screen, they would be looking for street drugs...marijuana, coke, opiates etc.
While codeine and morphine can show up if you are taking certain tylenols, it's excusable with a RX from your physician.
I know this as it's part of my job!

When is your first shift???!

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Glad you're back again for the April challenge! With all the progress we're making this year, just imagine how we'll be at Christmas time!!

de said...

hi tl. glad you are doing better i do not want you to get depressed i know how that is i have been fighting it for years i have had neds for it for amost 2o years and as long as i take it regularly i have very little problems
you take care

PearShapedGirl said...

I totally understand your situation, Tigerlilly. Exercise is great and really good for us, but food is the real issue. I'll join you in your goal for April. Let's stop letting food have the control and gain control over the food! You can do this! No worries about the drug test! You'll be fine... But I'm the same way, worried for no reason, haha.

Take care,

p.s. How is "The Mermaid Chair"? I was interested in reading it, let me know!

PearShapedGirl said...

Oh, and I forgot to say...


Woohoo for you!