Friday, March 16, 2007

Finishing Friday

OK, so normally I don't buy those womens magazines that line the shelves at the checkouts. But for some reason this one caught my eye. On the cover of Good Housekeeping were big red letters saying "I LOST 102 LBS!" So I grabbed the magazine and plopped it on top of the pile of diapers and canned tomatoes. Not so much to find out what diet she was on... because I am already confused enough on whether I should eat 5 times a day.. or 3. Eat 900 calories or 2000 calories. Carbs... no carbs. Good grief. Every time I turn the corner there is another diet that conflicts the diet I had just read about. And I know that I am not trying to DIET. I am trying to change my lifestyle, but how do I change my lifestyle if there is no set lifestyle to change to? I mean, I am in this predicament because I don't know how to eat normally... but what is normal these days?

So, anyway, I bought the magazine because seeing the before and after pics of 5 women who have succeeded in losing fat gives me motivation.. in a way. Its sometimes nice to see that ... yes, it is possible. Now being that it is only March, I figure that I can find my lifestyle by the end of the year... and whether I lose all the weight I want to by then, or just stay the same that I am now.. at least I wont be bigger then I was when the year started! I am determined to finish this thing I have started... which for me, finishing in itself will be a success. I am one to start a project and never see the finished result. So, sticking to this lifestyle change, whatever it may be, will be one thing I will be very proud to see to the end.

Today I have a little more 'umph' in my step. I am going to focus everything on my eating. Exercise will come second. I sometimes think that I exercise too much, and that my body cant figure out whether to hold on to food to gain muscle, or to go ahead and let it go to lose fat. So, I am changing my exercise routine to 4 days a week with cardio, 6 days a week for abs (they always need to be worked), and 3 days a week for weight lifting. I think that is better then doing it all everyday of the week!

I am starting the weekend with fresh eyes... maybe you should too? Change can be a motivator to.. it brings a little excitement into the mix.

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Teal said...

Congratulations! Another Goal in Sight! Keep powering towards that life change -- it is totally worth it!!

Karin said...

Congratulations on the inches lost. I agree with you on the lifestyle factor. If you answer yes to "Can I see myself doing this for the rest of my life?", then it could well be that project you can finish.

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Great post! And you're soooo right... change can be a motivator!

Megan said...

You know why your blog is one of my most favoritist to read? You have such a positive outlook. You've really inspired me to look at this whole process in a new way. Thank you for that. Enjoy your weekend; I hope it's a good one!

Amber said...

Great post and very motivating! Congrats on the inches lost! Keep up the great work