Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wedding Woes

Ok, so while searching thru my closet for something to wear to the interview, I came across an outfit that I haven't worn in 8 years. It would be perfect for my Father In Laws wedding in June. It is a white lace western shirt with tight fitting Rocky jeans.(yes... I will wear jeans to his wedding. This is an old time western family.. even I got married in jeans!) So, of course, the first thing I want to do is try it on. Oh - My - God. I don't think I thought I had gained THAT much weight.. but apparently I did.. and it teamed up around my midsection! the shirt fit... except for the 3 inch gap between the buttons in the front. The jeans came all the way up.. but the 8 inch gap in the front kept me from buttoning them. I looked like a cartoon.. you know, the ones that look gorgeous from behind but when they turn around its a woman from your nightmares! (that or she's 10 months pregnant!) LOL ... So my goal for JUNE... is to fit in that outfit. The wedding is the beginning of June. So I have only 2 months to do so.. which means I better buckle up and get serious.

By the way... I was going to take a picture, but there is no way anyone is EVER going to see me like that again!


Amber said...

Wow very interesting about the jeans but I know you can fit into them with a lot of hard work!

kelly said...

you know what? i think that is a perfect form of motivation. not going by a number on a scale or by a size of clothing (i know we both feel the same way about that hehe)....but using an outfit. something you can visualize, something you can keep track of weekly or monthly, and something that truly tells how much your body has changed. even though that evil scale can sometimes shock us, clothing never lies!

i know you can do it and i think you should take a before and after picture, just to have for yourself :)

JOY said...

What a fantastic insentive - to get into that outfit in June!

I can't wait to see how you get on but am sure it is do-able!

Good luck with it and make sure you keep us posted - it might give me some inspiration!