Tuesday, March 27, 2007

****Warning...Pictures Ahead****

Ok... so I am feeling a little bit better today. At least I am able to lift my head without having a dizzy spell. So I took a shower and figured since I was up I might as well take THE pictures. ugh. So here they are:

January 3, 2007

February, 25, 2007

March 27, 2007

I dont know if its the different color shirts.. but I see a big difference in my belly. My arms.. a little. .... Here is the rest :

Weight = 206 (0 lbs lost)

Measurements = Arms 13.5 / 13.25
A. Navel 37.5 / 38
At Navel 39 / 38.5
B. Navel 44 / 43
HIPS 43.5 / 43.5
Thighs 26.5 / 26.5

Total = - 1.25 inches

Total Inches Lost Since January = -7.75 inches

So I did not lose pounds, but I am losing inches.. and my body seems to be re-organizing itself. I have learned alot this month that I will carry with me into April and hopefully I will see a major weight loss this month. My next Weigh In day is on my 29th birthday... so it would make for a fantastic birthday present!

Well.. back to the couch for me! Have a Blessed Day!


Cory said...

I can really see it. You're looking fantastic!

PearShapedGirl said...

I can see a difference, Tigerlilly. It may be small, but I'm sure if you compared this month's picture to January's picture you'd see even more of a difference! It's too bad that the number didn't go down on the scale, but if the inches are dropping then that's what really counts. At least you're not going up and down like an insane yo-yo like yours truly... I think you're really getting the knack of this healthy lifestyle, and turning into a great role model for your girls! Keep it up!

Take care,

dew said...

hey there you are tl; glad you are up, man you really are looking great now yiu two cowpokes have got to learn to watch them warm cowboys and cowgirls and that wet grass or yo are never going to get over that flu.

Lola said...

Woowee, looking good.

I see a difference in your stomach and butt.

Keep up the good work!

kelly said...

i can totally see a difference, i wish i had taken measurements too, what a good idea! keep it up, you look great!

Meghan said...

I definitely see a difference in your stomach and arms! Lookin' good!