Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Hump In The Park Day

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. My allergies are causing me to rub my eyes raw. I just want to take them out and dunk them in ice water! If only that was possible. I have taken some 'kids Claritin' in hopes that it will knock it out of me so that we can go to the park today.

Yesterday was gorgeous! The sun was shining.. there was only a slight breeze.. which saved me from allergy attacks. Today it is supposed to be warmer (72F) so I have decided to skip my 10 a.m. workout and take the girls to the park.. but only after taking them on a 2 miles trail walk! It doesn't sound hard, but I have a double stroller that the girls sit in side by side.. and pushing 50 lbs up hill is the best butt workout I can think of! I am thinking of packing a little picnic too so we can just relax out there and eat lunch.

Yesterday went well. I stuck to eating fruit for breakfast and veggies for lunch. Dinner was delicious with shredded beef, veggies and sweet potatoes. When I logged it into Fitday though it came out to only 1100 calories for the day... yikes.. So today I am going to stick to the fruit and veggies, but maybe add some cottage cheese to breakfast and some more of the meat for lunch. Eh... we'll see.. I'm just going to roll with it for now.

My interview is tomorrow morning.. yeah! Thanks for all the well wishes. I will wait and post my blog tomorrow after I get back so I can make ya'll sweat it out a little! LOL I also just got a letter in the mail yesterday ... I was called for JURY DUTY.. WHAT???? ... What am I supposed to do with my girls for a full day while I sit in the courthouse?? My hubby said I should just take the girls with me and then see what they recommend! Ha... I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. The courthouse here is so screwed up... they called my mom and my aunt for jury duty and neither one of them is an American citizen!!! It was funny when they showed up with their green cards in hand.

Anyway.. it is time to start the day. I wish you all a Blessed and Beautiful Day!


jeannie* said...

Good luck at your interview tomorrow.

Sounds like you have a great day lined up today! I want to skip out of work and go frolic outside!!!!


Cory said...

What a great day you have planned. And I can't wait for news on the interview. Sorry to hear about jury duty too. That sucks!

I've been having trouble with my allergies to, and use eyedrops a lot. They clear everything out of my eyes for a little while and provide some relief. I don't know if that would work for you, but good luck!

Amber said...

Sorry to hear about jury duty and wow how crazy about your mom and aunt being called and having green cards.

Good luck on your walk Im another one who just wants to skip out of work just to go outside its beautiful!

Greta & Gurdy said...

Can't wait to hear about the interview! I hope it went well!

Amber said...

Hope your interview went well!