Thursday, March 15, 2007

Interview Day

This morning went by fast. The first two hours after waking up were of me trying on shirt after shirt. The first one was nice... a little too nice. It looked like I was going to a wedding, or a funeral! The second shirt was a black sweater with 3/4 sleeves and a funky collar... but it was too short and rose just above the belly bulge whenever I moved about. The third shirt was a black silky baby doll shirt that I loved... until I went to put my hair up and realized that it completely showed my tattoo on my shoulder blade... probably not what you want your soon-to-be-employer looking at as you walk away. So I finally settled on a brown cashmere sweater that was form fitting, but not tight. I matched it with some fancy brown slacks that matched perfectly. To make myself feel a little bit dressier, I topped it all off with my high heel brown suede boots. I looked pretty damn good! Thank God the only thing I have wear if I get this job are scrubs!!

Dropping the girls off at my grandmother and aunts house went smoothly. I was long gone before either one noticed I was missing! I got to the hospital and walked straight to the Human Resources Department. I felt pretty good... a little jittery.. but good. They asked me to wait... so I sat in the ICU waiting room and waited for them to call me. The interviewer was very nice.. and reminded me a bit of Snow White. She had jet black hair and green eyes.. with a very pretty complexion. She said that the interview was going to be a little bit different then most others.... and it was... questions like... "Give me an example of the last time you had to work with other employers as a team to accomplish something"...."When was the last time you bent the rules to help a patient" ... "Tell me about the last person you worked with that you did not get along with, and how you handled it"

The answers sometimes came easy... but I had to really stop and think sometimes. After all, its been 4 years since I've been doing anything but changing diapers! So.... she said the interview went really well, but that she had to pass my answers on to the director who would look them over and then call me sometime next week for ANOTHER interview. Great... what am I going to wear to THAT one!?! So.. lets keep our fingers crossed that I get another call back! I am REALLY hoping to.

So today is another beautiful day... but my eyes are killing me so we are staying inside again. The rest of the day will consist of me cleaning.. .and cleaning... and cleaning!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday... thank you for all the well wishes!!I am so blessed to have so many great friends!


Cory said...

I'm so glad the interview went well!!!

de said...

hi good looking little girl hope you get the position you seek
surely they will recognize a lot of class and brains
say hi to mcduff

PearShapedGirl said...

Tigerlilly, I'm sure they loved you! I'm glad to hear that things went well. Some of those random interview questions can be kind of tricky and frustrating! I've got my fingers crossed for you!

Take care,

Megan said...

It sounds like the interview went well. I'm certain you were awesome! I can't wait to hear about you GETTING the job. *fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it went well! Congrats and fingers crossed for your next interview!

Have a fantastic weekend!