Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 4

I am so glad its Friday. Time spent with Hubby. Outings with the girls. 2500 calories extra every day. DOH!!!! I am not going to do that this weekend. I am going to stick to my plan. I am going to keep food to a minimum and activity to the extreme! I will not ruin my week by having a crappy weekend.

I have 2 miles to run this morning. A refreshing pineapple salad for lunch and then off to town to do some shopping. Dinner is a beautiful salmon that I am going to bake.

Plans are still up in the air for the weekend.. but I am hoping for a lot of outdoor time! Fishing maybe?


groovybabe said...

I hope you have a great - and successful - weekend. Dont forget to check for a little while as I have moved back there temporarily. x

CaRoLyN said...

WE CAN DO THIS!!! A GREAT OP WEEKEND! I'll be checking in on you on Monday to see how you made out!

Oooh fishing!

Oinkstop said...

Weekends are totally the hardest, aren't they? Hang in there!

Tiffany said...

Unfortunalty now that I am really done breastfeeding I have to start getting the baby weight off. I have lost some but not all of it. I have also noticed that after baby number 2 it seems as if my tummy is MUCH bigger than if I just weighed what I do. I have also noticed because of the bigger tummy my jeans don't fit like they use to. Time to start dieting and getting serious about exercise. What is you new challenge going to be???

Robyn said...

You're totally going to do fine this weekend. I have no doubt!

Don't make me eat my words, Tigerlilly! :)

Hope you have a great, fun-filled weekend! And....if you go fishing, I hope that YOU catch the biggest one. :)