Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weekend Warrior

I have had a great day... so far! Food is on track (even though the Hubby and kids have already had chocolate, Pizza and chips!) I have stuck to my protein shakes, veggies and water!

In a last minute decision I opted to give myself a change and go to the Gym today instead of my regular home workout. I stuck with my scheduled Legs and Back workout, only difference was the chance to use awesome machines! I also hopped on the stationary bike and sat there for 30 min. I could have gone longer but my butte could not. It was falling asleep by the 10th minute.. so finishing at 30 minutes was quite the accomplishment.

I did the superwoman change and hopped into the pool and swam 10 good laps. I would have gone longer except there was a tea party going on in the pool and it was annoying me to no end. Why are you in the lap pool if your just going to stand there and talk?? Really, that's all they did. For the entire 10 minutes I swam, they sat there talking... IN THE MIDDLE OF THE POOL!!! Ugh.

So, then I decided I needed to relax a little and sat in the sauna. The steam was excruciatingly HOT... but every muscle in my body could be heard saying "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh". 10 minutes later I was back in my hot car heading home.

I am now completely exhausted and relaxed. Hmmmmm... if Hubby continues keeping the girls busy I may just take a nap!!

Tomorrow is a rest day... but Hubby and I are off to play 18 holes of Golf in the morning!! YEAH!


totegirl said...

Wow, I feel so pumped! What a great day! Kick some butt at golf!

dancer-in-me said...

I wish that I could have been a weekend warrior. The cookout on saturday did me in and it lasted until yesterday. Back on track today.

Great job!!