Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I did great yesterday. I stuck to my plan and it worked. I wanted to start this week off with a bang, so I hopped on the treadmill and ran 3 miles. My average was 17 min/mile. I know that is a turtles pace compared to some of you rabbits out there.. but it's a start. The fact that I set a goal and completed it makes me very happy.
Todays workout is chest and back with a 20 min walk on the treadmill after lunch.
I find that I am very motivated after I workout. So I am going to try and use this to help me stop munching in the afternoons.... I am working out later in the morning so that when I have my protein shake it is already 11 a.m. That keeps me full until 1 or 2 in the afternoon when I eat my lunch. I will take a brisk 20 min walk on the treadmill afterwards. I can still have a snack around 4 or 5.... and then dinner is at 6. This worked out really well yesterday. I stayed on track and didn't find myself looking through kitchen cupboards.

I have to remember that food is my problem. I like to eat too much... and that is no way to lose weight. If I quit working out, I would gain weight like crazy. I think the fact that I do workout like a crazy woman is the only reason I am still in this game.
I considered stopping my workouts and focusing on food only. That would kill me. Workouts are my motivation, like I said earlier. If I were to stop working out I would get lazy, and that would lead to boredom which would then lead to boredom eating, which would lead to me gaining all the weight back and falling into the black hole of fat.

I have to workout. Our bodies were meant to move!! I just need to remember that food is what is keeping me from succeeding.
I am going to find terrible pics of myself and tape them to the refrigerator. Like these:

That should keep me from eating!!

Have a good day.. see you tomorrow!


dancer-in-me said...

Way to keep your motivation going! You are an inspiration!

Robyn said...

You know...you really should know that even being heavier than you would like to have been, you really were very pretty!!

Anyway...it sounds like you've been doing it in the opposite order as I have done: Focusing on working out before focusing on food. I focused on the food first, and now I've finally started to focus a little more on exercise. I think the way you have done it has probably got a lot of advantages. You are already addicted to those endorphins that the working-out help produce - so you're already further ahead in that respect than most of the rest of the whole entire country! Now, for the food. It really is tough to keep from eating, when you're a person that thoroughly enjoys eating (like me) and is so used to eating frequently. I think that the eaisest thing to change is to start buying low calorie foods only. Basically, skip the cookie, baking, and chips isles. It sounds so easy, but even now, I find myself gazing down the "junk food" isle in the grocery store and thinking, "I miss this isle..." but I do not venture that way any more.
With a little extra focus on the food, you'll get it all under control...and in no time it will be your way of life.
Oh - and a 17 minute mile is pretty freakin awesome, if you ask me!! Way to go! :)

Mark Salinas said...

You are absolutely right on...set a goal and accomplish it. Feels great!
Fantastic job...keep it going!

FatMom said...

Yippppeeee, TL! Awesome job on the workout and eating yesterday! And jogging at 17/min/mile is a wonderful start!! I'm so excited for you, because you'll soon see that when you continue on plan, you'll remember that each day gets just a bit easier than the one before...well, most times you'll notice that. Other times, it'll be hormones, or something else that tries to block your path! But you're a tough chick; you can deal with that!! Awesome, awesome, job, TL!!!!

Jill said...

I know you think these pics are awful, but even at that weight, you were still really pretty!! Some women are beautiful no matter what their size - you are one of these lucky women.

And your 17 min/mile still beats my 18 min/mile (and that's the best I can do WALKING!!)

MizFit said...


youve distilled it to its essence and it really is that simple:

(*slaps self upside the head*)


debby said...

TL, I really like your new plan. I think it is truly workable. 3 meals and 2 snacks. I guess I think it will work for you because this has worked for me. When I am having a hard time I will think, I can wait an hour or 2 hours until the next time I get to eat. And I agree with robyn about having lower calorie, nutritious foods in the house. There are so many good foods out there. Of course that is a whole new set of problems for me. Because I can overeat all my healthy foods too. Well, I'm glad we all have each other for support because this is just a never-ending process.

I wonder what you think about working out so hard, and then later having times when you are ravenously hungry? My brother, who works out a lot and reads a lot, says you should pay attention to your body at those times and feed it because if you don't your metabolism will react by slowing down.

And I agree with Jill, you are gorgeous at any weight.

I am missing our challenge, TL! I just joined the 100 Pushup challenge!