Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A New Class...

I have to say that the flow of supportive words in yesterdays comments were fantastic. Thank you!

I have, indeed, decided to go for it. That doesn't mean much right now except that I will have to really start paying attention during classes.. and practice a little more at home. I have a lot of weight to lose before I would be at a comfortable fighting weight.. so that will be my first focus. It is hard enough staying strong through a fight, I don't need to do it with 40 extra pounds hanging on me. Once I am down to 155, then I will have to start competing in local competitions to get a fighting record started. Then it will just depend on how well I do. The best part is that I feel like I am finally going to do something that I have been dreaming about for years.

The first step is to take an extra class here and there at a different training school. That will start tonight. I am going to take a class from a neighboring town. The Master there was a student of my Master now, and he has started his own class. It will help to learn from someone with a different teaching style.

In order to get this weight off of me, and to strengthen my stamina, I will have to keep the running up. I have been doing it three days a week, but might up that to five days a week.

This has helped give me a little more **umph**

Has anyone seen these shoes? They are called MBT's. They look absolutely fantastic... I would love to try them out.


Anonymous said...

Good for you, TL. It will be fun to watch your progress.

Boy, you have good taste in shoes! I had heard abot these before, so I went to check them out. Unless they last 4X as long as regular running shoes, too much for me. I would love to try them out though.

CaRoLyN said...

YAY! Good for you!!

Never heard of the shoes...what's the deal on these things?

FatMom said...

Yippeee! Making a solid plan, and everything! Awesome!

totegirl said...

Yay! I knew you would follow your heart!

Those shoes look awesome, but they are so expensive. I want the sandals, but I have vowed not to buy any more shoes until some of mine start falling apart. I have way to many...

P.O.M. said...

That sounds awesome and you seem REALLY excited - which is even better! Go for it girlie!

MizFit said...


my wallet begs to differ.