Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I was catching up on my blog reading yesterday and came across Dancer-In-Me. On her blog was a list of reasons why she wanted to lose the weight. Her goal is to read that list 3X a day! Brilliant! A constant reminder of why we are pushing ourselves to be healthy. I had to have one... so I made this and posted it on my refrigerator and cupboards:

My list is in no particular order...
1. To be healthy
2. To be happy
3. To be a good example to the girls
4. To like what I see in the mirror
5. To feel good in my clothes
6. To feel comfortable in public
7. To live longer
8. To enjoy shopping again
9. To look good in a bathing suit
10. To get better at MMA
11. To look good next to Matt
12. To fit into my old jeans
13. To fit into a size 9 (smaller then my old jeans)
14. To look great at Disneyland
15. To have awesome arms
16. To be able to run a 5k (without stopping to walk)
17. To look great in lingerie
18. To be a fun mom
19. To be a trophy wife
20. To reach my goal
It helped me. I walked into the kitchen a couple of times, saw the list (didn't necessarily read it) and walked out. If you are anything like me you know why your doing this, you just have bouts of selective memory every now and then. Well, this list didn't let me be too selective. It was a constant reminder. I read it twice while I was making dinner... and didn't snack, didn't over eat... and I walked a mile after dinner.
I suggest doing this if you are having a hard time staying motivated!!
In an hour I will be back on the treadmill wogging. I have to do 1.75 miles.. but am hoping I get a little more motivated while I'm on there and do 3 miles again!
I have 2 perfect days in my pocket... I am seriously hoping this will be my perfect week!!!


FatMom said...

Ah, yes..."selective memory." Excellent post, TL! I love your list! Truly, you have a wonderful mental fortitude...I cannot STAND to see pictures of myself at my highest weight (somewhere around 250), and have hidden them far, far away...couldn't ever POST them up on a wall...You're a tough chick, though...MMA girl! Awesome!

CaRoLyN said...

I LOVE this list. Your motivation is awesome and very contagious. I need to start working on my own list. I even commented on this on mizfit's blog today. We lose focus on why we are trying to change our lifestyle but to lay it all out there in a list is a perfect idea!!

groovybabe said...

I just wrote in a post on groovy that you are a great source of inspiration. This is a great idea. I have a long list on my motivation page but havent looked at it since I wrote it. That is where I am going wrong. I'll go print it off. Thank you! x

Robyn said...

Great idea, TL! Your list sounds a lot like what my list would/will look like. I feel really fortunate to have found your blog a while back because you are always re-motivating yourself to stay determined, and that helps me to get re-motivated to stay determined as well!
And, two perfect days under your belt is GREAT NEWS! This CAN be your "perfect week!" Just keep doing what you're doing! :D

MizFit said...

ooooh 19.
Id never even thought of that one.

methinks my husband LOVES YOU for suggesting :)