Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hump Day

I thought I would be.... ambitious??... and have my husband wake me up at 5 a.m when he leaves for work so that I could get in a workout before the kids woke up. My oldest daughter must be on the same wave length because she was up at 4:55 a.m. watching her cartoons. Those of you who have toddlers.... and a warning for those of you who WANT them.... know that you cannot do a great workout when they are crawling all over you...and they definitely do not appreciate you turning their cartoons off to put in a workout dvd. So, instead, we waited for my youngest to wake up...which was only 30 min later.. .and I loaded them in the stroller, grabbed the dog.. and off we went for a walk. It was wonderful going out that early, the weather was nice and cool... and the traffic was minimal. I got a good mile in, so I am happy.

So our house is on its way to being sold and hubby and I have decided to move to another town. It is farther away from the city... but it is also a smaller town, which I never thought I would want to live in.. but the town we are in now started out small, but over the past 3 years has boomed. It is crowded and unwelcoming. So, we are looking for a rental for now, until we can find a house we would like to buy. I am a little stressed about everything going smoothly... but I am sure it will be fine. One day at a time right??

Today is supposed to be 88*F/31*C ... 14 degrees cooler then yesterday. Good grief! Its a good day to open all the windows and air out the house! I hope this weather stays cool... the rodeo is this weekend and I am looking forward to going!

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst, for they are sticking to their diets. ~Author Unknown


Randi said...

31*C is cool enough to open the windows! Oh my god I don't know how you do it! I do know what you mean about hard to get a workout in. Though I don't have kids, my husband rules the remote in our house. Plus, every time I get on the floor to do an exercise (crunches, pushups, etc) my puppy jumps all over me, literally. So I'm feeling your pain on that. But the heat! We're in a heatwave with the temp reaching 31 every day!

Cory said...

Hate to hear that your workout plans were disrupted, but taking the kids for a walk was a great idea. And getting it in early is always good.
Good luck finding a rental!

Christine said...

Wow good for you for getting up early - I think that at 5am I may have gotten up for a bathroom break - and then rolled over and went back to bed for another 5 hours. You are my hero. Bow down to Tigerlilly!

Its warmer here today than yesterday - enjoy your cool break while you have it. Take care of yourself!

Big Momma Black said...

I can relater. My kids aren't toddlers yet (well they are not walking) but they still find a way to be all over me. And it seems like when I try to take advantage of nap time to do a workout DVD they wake right up. Not to mention the fact that I live in an upstairs apt in CA so I don't want my neighbors to think we are having an earthquake when I do my aerobics. Can you imagine? Pictures falling off their walls, their knicknacks rattling on the shelf, not a good idea.