Monday, July 30, 2007

Ooooooooh Yeeaaaahhhhhhhhh.....

So yesterday was weigh in day and the numbers were good. I was not going to post my weight because of the challenge going on... but I HAVE to share!!! -3 lbs!! I'm at 208!!! Oh so close to that magnificent Onederland!!

It has been raining like crazy here... so my morning walks have either been nice and cool.. or canceled completely. Today may be nice and cool with a possibility of running my ass off back home to keep from getting drenched! Sounds like a good workout!

My weekend was great.. very relaxing. Hubby and I did what we needed to do, and then just enjoyed each others company. Sunday I went to my moms house. She was in Tx for a week with my Aunt G. She brought back a bunch of surprises for me and the girls... including a pair of BLUE SUEDE SHOES that my aunt is lending to me for the show this week.

This morning I am either walking outside or doing my run on the treadmill... then I am off to a new friends house, who happens to be a vocal instructor.. and one of my competitors... but she has offered to help me with the song. At this point, I need the help to get a little more *umph* in there! She has a 14 yr old daughter who will watch my girls while we are there.. YAHOO!! Possible New Babysitter!!!

OK.. so as far as meals go..

BK: Oatmeal and green tea
L: Salad with Broiled Pork Sirloin
D: hmmmmm... not sure, probably fish?

Running/walking 1 mile this morning and hopefully 1 mile tonight. Water is awesome.. I have found a way to keep myself sipping at that straw!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

I bought a talking refrigerator that said "Oink" every time I opened the door. It made me hungry for pork chops. ~Marie Mott


Randi said...

Look at you, making progress left and right! Way to go!

de said...

very good tl, now all you have to do is win that comtest

Groovybabe said...

wow youre doing so well!!!!!! Im so proud of you!!!

Id walk all day long on the treadmill if i had one at home!

Kitty said...

Congrats on your loss I'm thrilled for you (I'm going to other direction but I'm not giving up)

livingrainbowcolor said...

Great job on the walking! Even though I'm an aquajogger, my preferred pool is closed for the rest of the summer, so DH and I are walking every night instead.
Water: you might try a glass of hot water in the mornings. It feels great and helps me wake up as well as coffee.

Christine said...

So super happy with you and your loss! That's an amazing week! Keep it up! I am very happy for you! :)