Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 2

I have come to the conclusion that I am not going to lose any weight if I don't get serious about how much food I am putting in my mouth. Yesterday went very well. My portions were small and I did not eat unless it was a scheduled meal. I still need to drink more water.. it has been raining a lot lately and I think all this water is keeping me from drinking any! LOL... I know, silly. I have a liter of water in front of me right now and it will be gone by the time I am off the computer!

Workouts were fantastic. I ran 2 miles in the morning and then went off to Tang Soo Do class. It was fantastic because we had class outside in the cool night air. It was humid though and made for a very sweaty class. My master talked to me after class and has given me and invitation to take classes in the neighboring town on Monday and Wednesdays for no extra charge. This is fantastic news. The class over there has 3 women in it... which gives me a chance to fight someone my own sex. It also allows me to train more often... which will also help me burn more calories in the week. The fact that he is not going to charge me more money is fantastic..because I will need that money for gas!

So, today I am focusing on my food. SMALL PORTIONS! I will be going to class again tonight... poor Hubby is stuck with another night of making dinner. I am having company over this morning, so I will try to walk a mile or two after lunch today! I don't want to over do it before class.


Mark Salinas said...

I snack on almonds and drink lots of water...keeps me thinking I am full. You are doing great...I continue to look forward to your journey updates. Be strong, be you!

groovybabe said...

food is my main problem area too. It is probably because i dont drink enough, and sleep poorly. I am getting better, I think it is a matter of routine maybe. The exercise definiately helps. I say keep doing what youre doing and you will get there. Youve come so far already.