Tuesday, July 24, 2007


So I'm looking at my calender sitting on my desk, and I realize that there is only one week left until July 'o7 is over.. so I am handing out a one week challenge. Whoever is interested in doing this is welcome to join in.. here is how it goes:

1. The challenge will start this morning (July 24) and End on July 31.
2. The 'OFFICIAL' Weigh In Day will be August 1st
3. Whoever fulfills all 7 challenges will win a prize....
4. Whoever loses the most weight (on your honor) over that week will be sent a prize as well!


A) Walk/Run 8 miles (over the course of the challenge)

B) Drink 112 oz of water everyday....yes, I know, its more then 8 glasses..but it will make you feel better and with all the working out you will be doing (hint hint) you will need the extra hydration.

C) Eat only fresh food... no pre-packaged stuff...no pasta (unless you made it!!)..all meat and fish must be fresh (from your store).. no canned meat/tuna

D) Challenge yourself at least 4 days with an exorcise you've never done before...pilates...tae bo...yoga??

E) Workout twice a day...morning/noon...morning/night..noon/night

F) Come up with your own recipe of a low fat/low calorie meal that you can share with everyone!! Be daring!! (email it to me so I can post it!)

G) Take a before and after picture of yourself.. nothing too revealing... just so we can see what a week of staying focused can do!!

If you want to give it a try, just comment that you are IN and give me your before weight! I will add you to the list! The prizes will depend on who won...I will try to give you something that fits your personality! It wont be anything expensive...but it will be fun! On the morning of August 1st please email me what you were able to complete.. and your final weight! I will announce the winners that morning.

Have any questions?? email me at whereistigerlilly@yahoo.com. YOu have until 6 o'clock on the morning of the 25th to sign up!

Find your Focus!!


Groovybabe said...

It's a good idea but I can't sign up. I could probably do the 8 miles and the water but I cant eat only fresh foos because its too expensive (I have about 1/2 1/2 at the moment) and working out is too excessive for me too (I workout 3x a week) and Im not showing any pictures yet!!! I said to betz I'd show them when I've lost 50lbs and I've only lost 21lbs at the moment!

Cory said...

Ok, I'm in!!! 8 miles...I think I can do that. You've certainly put in something that isn't easy. The exercise you've never done before will really be a challenge! Will pilates work since I never made it past the third pose in my video?

My starting weight is 214.0 lbs.

Randi said...

Ok...I'm sorta scared about this but I'm in. The hard one is going to be the only fresh food. I do eat very little packaged food, but I live on tuna and salmon and yogurt! All packaged! (and lunch today is already off track, salmon from a can!)
The other thing that's gonna be tough is the recipe. Why oh why did I post my recipe yesterday, I could have had that one done already! Sheesh.
i'll weigh and take a picture tonight (along with doing my weight workout!)

Tiffany said...

WOW - That is a huge challenge!!! I am up to the 8 miles and drinking water but I do eat pre-packaged foods - normally at lunch time - it makes life easy when making lunches the night before. And uh yeah - I am suppose to be gaining wieght not losing it. Good Luck with the challenge - keep us posted to let us know how you do. I might set up a weekly challenge for when I get back into town.

Lola said...

All righty!

I'm in.

Today's scale said a lovely 185.

I will post a picture tomorrow on my blog.

Good challenge TL!

FatBlokeThin said...

Sorry to ‘spam’ you but I am holding a fun weight loss challenge over at my blog FatBlokeThin.

If you want to join in, please leave a comment or e-mail me. Thanks!


Christine said...

Wow, what a challenge - I want to say yes, but this is the worst week for me yet. My last week of vacation. I know that I couldn't commit myself 100% and be truthful - count me in for next time around for sure. Great idea though - I hope it goes over well!

Wanna_B_slim said...

Just wanted to say hello.. and what beautiful girls you have (Post below)
Well done on your weightloss so far...
And good luck with your challenge!!