Saturday, September 29, 2007

Day 15:203.5

Yesterday went pretty smoothly. I got to the show in time to help set up and do the sound check. There were over 500 people there with over 300 classic cars. The weather was cold and windy... but dancing around on stage helped a little! The music was awesome and we all had a blast! Tonight is another show at 'The Orchard' for the Fall Festival and it is very windy today.. .so I think I will be dressing warm again! Here are some pics from the show. Not very flattering one of me, but it shows you why I need to lose weight! Talk about a mushroom top! Ugh.. I'm gonna have to find something a little more flattering tonight.

So I didnt run this morning.. I am exhausted. So my goal is to do my run tomorrow morning...sometime.

Food is great and portions are even better. I've got to get cleaning...

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Laura N said...

Glad the show went well. That's a lot of people to entertain! Hope you enjoy yourself tonight.