Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day 13:203.5

Now that is how everyday should start off.. a -1.5 lb loss from yesterday! Hmmmm, water retention? Probably.

Ran again this morning. It's like I have said in the past. Its not that its easy, but its getting easier! I am starting to see why people fall in love with running.

My food was awesome yesterday. I ate fruits and veggies and stayed clear of the bread! I did have one small potato for dinner, but obviously it was in perfect proportion. Today I need to do the same.. in fact.. I need to keep it up all weekend if I want to see the 199.9 mark on Mondays weigh in. That may be stretching it a bit, but I can try! If not this Monday then DEFINITELY next week!! Wooohoooo.


Cory said...

Good job! I'm sure that really made you feel great today. Keep up the terrific work and you'll see onederland in no time!

Laura N said...

Yippee!!! Love it. Your hard work is paying off. Glad you are enjoying your runs. Yes, it's addictive. And isn't it great to have found something good for you that's addictive?! =) Have a good one today!

Randi said...

Good job. You are totally takin' it to the man (if the man were against losing weight, eating well and running...) Super impressed, keep up the good work! (make sure you stretch with your running, you don't want to have to give it up due to an injury!)

Christine said...

Congrats to you girl!