Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day 5 : 206.5

Yep.. back down again.. but will probably see a gain tomorrow because I just did another gut wrenching workout on the bowflex. I also did my run again this morning... yes, that makes 3 morning in a row I have woken up and hopped on the tready! Whoop whoop!! I have to say that it feels great. Deep inside I am excited to go onto to next weeks challenge on C25K...deep, deep inside!hehe

Hubby has gotten onto the health kick again too. He is trying to gain 30 lbs.. in muscle. It helps to be living with someone who is also watching what they eat, and working out everyday.

I have been doing better with food.. although I could still cut down on portion sizes. Little by little I am finding I can fix things. Yesterday I ate less snacks between meals then the day before... today I will focus on my portion control.

I really feel that I will succeed this time if I remember two things:

1) Be persistent... this is something that will take time to fix. Wake up every morning with a fresh look and a new energy.

2) Dont quit... I've got 5 days under my belt, it would be a shame to start over now.

So as I see it, I've got to keep on truckin'... Day 5.... 85 more days to go!


Laura N said...

YES! That is so excellent girl!!! I am proud of you!!!

One of the best things about the C25K program, I think, is that it gives you a reason to get on the treadmill. You've got these days of running laid out in front of you, and if you miss your workouts, you get behind on your C25K weeks. That's a big reason I'm training for races--because I need a goal to work toward and I like checking things off a "to do" list.

5 days of success is awesome. Making the little changes is fantastic. Keep at it--the scale WILL catch up with you!!

Too funny about your husband. Mine is currently on a 10 day lemonade diet fast. He has done it once before--where he literally eats nothing and only drinks these strange concoctions for 10 days. It's sure easier on me than his other extreme, which is pizza for dinner and donuts for breakfast. I don't know how he does it--I could never go completely without food for that long. He actually thrives on it though. What can I say? I married a weirdo. =)

Cory said...

Doing good chicky! I'm so proud of you! Keep up the good work!

Poppy said...

Your attitude is right on! I love your point #1...Persistence is key! I loved doing the C25K program. I just remember being so amazed by myself. Each week I was able to do things that I never dreamed I could do.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed you looking much better the past few weeks. Being happy always helps and enjoying the things you do in life. I think we can succeed if our life is going in the direction we hope for. Sometimes we have to give it a big push in that direction and it can be scarry but it feels good to be doing something about our happiness.
Love Mama

Christine said...

Good for you for sticking with it. We are going to do this - although some days I find it hard to believe in myself. You take care.