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Day 6: 206.5

Aaaagh... frustration set in this morning. The fact that I have been doing this for 6 days and not even half a pound lost.. what is going on? Am I still eating wrong? Too much? Not enough? I will admit that for a minute there I was going to ignore the tready and just go back to bed... but I didn't. I griped and groaned while I pulled my shoes on... then mumbled and moaned while I walked over to the tready and turned it on. Ugh.. But I did do my 20 min run this morning.. and I do feel great now. So I'm glad I pushed myself to do it and not let myself give up again.

Am I being silly in thinking I should be seeing results right now?? Is it too early to see a loss?? Oooooooo... measurements!! Hold on!!

(undoing the mess of the measuring tape!)

Ok.. Now I feel like an idiot.. check this out:

Chest = Was 43 Now 41 = -2 inches
Waist = Was 40.5 Now 39 = -1.5 inches
Hips = Was 44 Still 44

Holy Cow.. I've lost 3.5 inches in 6 days... yeehaw!!

So now that I am feeling 5 million times better about this.. I am going to rock it today. I have a whole house that needs to be cleaned... laundry that needs to be folded.. kids that need playing with... and I am ready! Food will be great today... eggs for breakfast, baked potato with salsa for lunch and fresh fish for dinner.

I am SO glad I ran this morning. Just goes to show ya... sometimes you are rockin' when you think you are rollin'!


Cory said...

WOW! That is some major improvement! Who cares if the scale has moved when you've lost that many inches!!!
Keep it up!

Laura N said...

Great idea to pull out the tape measure. Sometimes the scale doesn't play fair. Keep doing all the right things and it will pay off. It already is!