Monday, September 17, 2007

Day 3:206.5

No loss yet.. time to step it up a bit and add some exorcise!! I started running again this morning. 1 mile in 16:50.... ugh. Gonna have to work on that! Little by little... tomorrow morning I will run again. Does anyone have a great running schedule that you used to get you back in shape??? I know there is the C2K thing.. I haven't really tried it yet, but it looked confusing! LOL

Yesterdays diet was good.. not great. There is something that Heather wrote that really hit the nail on the dot.
Heather writes: It is selfish. It is choosing sugar in my coffee over the possibility of seeing my grandchildren. It is choosing “just one more bite” over being able to have monkey sex with my husband (you can’t erotically swing from chandeliers if you are obese). It is choosing ROUTE 44 SONIC CHERRY COKES over being able to participate in your child’s Fun Run, Jump Rope for Heart, Turkey Trot, Track ‘n Field.


Thinking about this all day yesterday kept me from reaching for those crackers when I walked by the kitchen. It helped me wake up this morning and go straight for the tready..It helped me not take that extra bite when I was already full..(maybe it was the thought of swinging from the ceiling!) At the same time though (and this may be where it gets confusing) you have to be selfish. You have to spend that hour in the morning working out while the kids watch TV.. .you have to have 'mommy time', otherwise you go crazy trying to do all of this at the same time. Its too easy to just be a mom and worry about everyone else but yourself...So, just to recap ... Don't be selfish and let yourself continue being obese and unhealthy, but be selfish and take the time to get healthy!!


Laura N said...

Great job getting in a run and sticking to your plan. That quote from Heather is definitely some motivation. And I agree with you--there is some "healthy selfishness" that's required to get fit and thin. But it's NOT selfish when you put it in context of staying around for your kids (and husband--monkey sex, LMAO!) and being a "fun mom" instead of a "fat mom."

I started running with C25K. It worked well for me. Realize, though, that you actually end up after the end of training running 30 minutes, not 3 miles, unless you are running 10 minute miles (which I'm still not doing). I'd write the walk/run times on the back of my hand before I got on the treadmill to remind me how long I was walking/running. I can't keep numbers in my head to save my life.

Have a super week girl!

Anonymous said...

I did the C25K think also...I would get lost the first couple of weeks, and forget how many times I'd run a minute and walked a minute. It's definitely worth trying, because it really works. If you're already running a mile, you might try starting at week 3 or 4. That might make it less confusing!
Have Fun!

de said...

ok tl; you just keep on going you will do fine

Pat said...

i started running about 15 months ago. I say just make sure that every time you run you enjoy it. Get in the habit of running 5-7 days a week and enjoying it. walk some, then run some, then walk some more. start with a half mile and work your way up. don't be in a hurry, you'll get there. I've finished 3 half marathons with this philosphy. your daily run should be the #1 priority for the day. when your health comes first all other aspects of your life improve. Good Luck, running can be a blast. Go to for races in arizona, it's the most complete.

Christine said...

You should be so proud of yourself running. I am so proud of you - and jealous that I haven't convinced myself to get my butt out there and run. Hugs.

Tiffany said...

Using running to get back in shape. I would go longer than 1 mile. Since you are probably not up to running more than one mile do what I did when I first started I focused on time rather than miles. I would run for 15 seconds, walk for 15 seconds and work my way up to running for 1 minute and walking for 30 seconds. Since you are already running for a mile, maybe start with a one mile run, then walk for 5 minutes (or more or less) than run for 5 minute or how ever long you can until how have hit a total of 30 minutes. By mixing the running with walking it will keep you heart rate up more than by running in the beginning at walking in the end. If you are running on the treadmill and get bored (ME) I mix it up, run for 5 minutes on te treadmill then hop off and do a set of arm weights, then hop on for another 5 minutes, and then hop off and do another set weights and so on. This will make the time fly and you will get an amzing cardio and strength training workout all in one. I am glad you are getting back in the game - I missed you!

Pokey said...

Yeah, what Pat said! :p If you want, you can also go to my blog and email me....I'll give you some links to some great websites for AZ races!

Keep it up! Many things are hard before they become dont give up!