Friday, September 14, 2007

It is almost half way thru the month of September and I can tell you right now that I have not lost a single pound. In fact, I am pretty sure I have gained back a couple of pounds... or 5. Either way, I have not jumped on the scale (or even crawled on to the scale) in weeks. I think that is one of the reasons I have let myself dive back into bad habits. Its easy to ignore your weight when you have no idea where your at.

I desperately need to get back on track. Today I have done great so far. Keeping my fat grams down to 12 g per meal and calories around 1500 per day. I am not going to drag myself onto the scale just yet. The last thing I need is to be discouraged now. So, once again I am committing myself to a healthier way of life.. and postponing my weigh in until the 24th. I am praying that by then I will see a number lower then 205... that would make me very happy.

Running has come to a complete stop too. Mostly because we rearranged the house and the treadmill is now folded up in a corner with no way out. I am hoping to talk my hubby into letting me put it in front of the TV so that I can walk while watching all my fave TV shows. There's 3 hours right there!!! LOL The weather is starting to cool off at night, hopefully that means the weather will start cooling off during the day too. I would walk at night, but people drive like idiots on my street... there is always a dead dog, deer, elk... even bear... lying on the street hit by a car. If they cant stop for a bear or elk I cant see them stopping for me. I'd much rather walk during the day when I can see whats coming!

As for everything else, well, there isn't much to tell. As my friend said the other night... same shit, different pile! Will hopefully be blogging everyday again... forgive me for taking such an extended break... c-ya tomorrow!


Laura N said...

HI! I was glad to see your comment on my blog, and looky here you're back!

Girl, hang in there. Life happens, and sometimes food and exercise just get dropped in the dirt. Doesn't mean you've quit or given up--no no no. Just taken a break to put your energy where it needed to go, which was AWAY FROM diet and exercise. When you're ready, you'll be able to put your energy INTO diet and exercise. It *will* happen!

When I started my weight loss journey this last time, I was finally in a place where I had the time, energy, resources, and support to FINALLY get the weight off for good. It takes a TON of energy to really get the focus and momentum needed to make permanent change. I don't mean to say I do nothing but diet and exercise--what I mean is, mentally I was able to really put myself into what it takes to get it done.

I don't know what exactly made the difference. Partly it was knowing I was finished having kids, partly it was being self-employed and running my own schedule (for the most part), and partly it was seeing the big 4-0 sneaking up on me (I'm 37 and a half ;-). And it was also running.

Running, strangely enough, motivated me to keep to the diet, because I wanted to run faster and farther, and it's freaking HARD to run when you are 200 pounds! But that's where I started...I was 195 pounds back at the end of March when I started my run/walk program, and I just wanted to run more and more and more. And it really made a difference--still does--in how I think about food and energy and my body.

Anyway, sorry to ramble. I'm actually craving junk food before bed so trying to keep myself from eating everything in sight!

It's great you are back to 1500 cal days and tracking your food. Get that treadmill out, woman! You'll be so glad you did. And, bears? As roadkill? Holy cow that is insane. I'd sure be on the treadmill, too.

Have a super weekend.

Christine said...

It is SO easy to fall off track - it only takes a few days to gain 5 pounds - but takes 3 weeks to lose it! Figure that out.

So happy that you are back on track. Time to get some serious butt. I will weigh in tomorrow - its been about 3 weeks since I posted a weight - talk about anxiety. :) Take care.

Cory said...

It sucks that you haven't been able to keep up with your running. Hopefully you'll be able to rearrange things.