Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I haven't written in days, but it feel like weeks. So, where to start. This weekend was full of excitement. The band I am in was scheduled to play Saturday and Sunday night from 7-11pm. Saturday morning we all showed up early to help load, unload and set up the stage. We then took shifts hanging out to keep an eye out on all the equipment and instruments. That night the clouds started to roll in. Not a big deal if it only sprinkled for a second... but that is not what it did. At first I saw the lightening at a distance. A couple of minutes later the rain was pouring down. We managed to get a huge tarp strapped down over the entire stage, and then we all ran for cover. My car was parked right behind the stage, under one of the massive trees. I was in the car for two minutes when there was a flash and bang. When I opened my eyes there were leaves and branches falling on my car. When the rain finally stopped, I got out of my car and saw that 5 trees around the stage (including the one I had parked under) had been struck my lightening and had a spiral cut down the entire trunk. Needless to say, we did not play that night. We were lucky that no one got hurt, and nothing was too seriously damaged. The next night we were nervous seeing clouds in the sky once again, but as the time got closer and closer the sky turned blue and the sun was shining. It ended up being a beautiful night to play... and what a blast!! We got booked for another weekend at the same place... so I'm hoping that means they like usMy whole family showed up to watch my debut... so it was a fun family outing. My girls danced their little legs off and then went home early to crawl into bed. My mom, aunt and grandmother stayed for a while longer, but said the misquitos were getting to bad. The next show is scheduled for during the day... so it will be a little more fun!

Monday I slept.. all day. I think I was coming down with something but managed to sleep it off. Yesterday I spent the whole day steam cleaning my carpets.. a huge workout considering a couple of areas had me going over them 3 and 4 times. Next to do will be painting... but that can wait a little while longer.

So my scale is trapped behind a couple of heavy boxes in my dining room. I haven't even thought about weighing myself since I cant see it. It's been kinda nice, although I know that I have been slipping on my diet.. and exorcise. I kinda want to just say 'screw it'. Who need to be on a diet? But I know that if I continue doing what I'm doing then the weight will just keep going up, and then I will be miserable. So, I'm not going to give up... I will keep track of my food and get my butt on the treadmill again. I am going to give myself another week before I pull that scale out though... I don't need to see a high number right now.

Time to catch up with all of y'all. Thanks for coming back!!


de said...

tl you dingbat don't you know under a tree is a bad place during a lighting storm. glad you were setting in your car.

Christine said...

Glad you're back and glad things are going so well! :) Take care.

Laura N said...

Holy cow that storm sounds scary! In your car you are safe from lightening, I think, because of the tires and being grounded or something. But, OMG, you guys could have been hurt.

Your debut sounds awesome! What a neat thing to do! Your picture with your daughter is precious. You two are so pretty.

Tiffany said...

No wonder you slept all day on Monday you played all weekend long!! Fon't forget if you want to get under 200 you have to stay on the diet - just focus on the food journal and working out when you can until you get settled into you new home. Good luck with the move.

butterflygirl17 said...

what kind of band are you in? do you sing/play or both? glad you are back and you didn't get hurt.

great picture!
:-) Laura