Sunday, September 16, 2007

Day 2: 206.5

Weighed in the same this morning. Not that I'm expecting a 2 pound loss in one day... although that would be fantastic! LOL

Stayed on track yesterday as well. The only fatty thing I had was a turkey burger with green chile's. It was delicious... and will be a welcome addition to my list of 'acceptable yummies'.

I did not get the tready out... I know, shame on me... but really it's hubbys fault for staying in bed all day and not wanting to help me move furniture. Today he is off for is weekly golf game with his brothers, so I am going to try and find a way to set it up... even if it means clearing a 3 ft space where it stands and staring at a corner wall the whole time!

So Day 3 is well on its way with a yogurt, melon and cup of tea. I am feeling good and drinking plenty of water. This will be a good day!


Cory said...

It will be a good day, won't it? Good luck getting the teady useable!

Laura N said...

Hey girl, were we separated at birth? Your previous post, about turning an age ending in a zero, no more babies to birth, wanting to be a skinny wife for a handsome husband--those were ALL motivations for me. And my starting weight was 207 AND my birthday is April 13... crazy similarities!

You are SO gonna rock this goal. You are starting off so great! Food really is the first thing to get under control, then add in the exercise for motivation and of course calorie burning.

THANK YOU for the shout out in yesterday's post! That is so sweet of you. Tracking my number of days has been really helpful in keeping me motivated. Another thing that I track is my exercise. I have an excel spreadsheet that has the date, workout type, minutes of activity, total distance (miles), running miles, official weight, and total miles for the year. (I also track TTOM here, and it's amazing how I can see patterns of weight gain every month). It's been cool to watch how I've progressed with exercise--I started out very slowly. I keep track of how much I lose each month, too, and that helps put things in perspective when it feels like I'm not losing quickly enough from week to week.

Can't wait to watch you be a success!