Friday, November 02, 2007

Day 49:199(yahoo...7 weeks!)

Sometimes I wish my hubby wasn't so smart.... and sometimes I wish he wouldn't sit and watch the same TV shows I am watching. Why? Last night when hubby got home I told him to go put the Halloween candy in his truck before he forgot again. He said no. NO??? What do you mean no???.... "Think of it as your temptation. You need to build discipline... like they do it on that Big Loser show you watch"


So now I am living with a bag of chocolate bars, lollipops and nerds..(haha,get it? nerds) Hubby is getting the cold shoulder.. and I am hating the Biggest Loser right now. I know he is right. I need to learn how to live with temptation.. and not give into it. I did really well yesterday.. and only ate one Jolly Rancher. Amazingly I didn't inhale all the Hershey bars that were in there. So I guess that is a good start.

I ran 1 mile this morning. I was hoping to do 2 miles, but just could not get my energy up this morning. When the 1 mile marker lit up on my tready, I slammed my fist down on the stop button... not even a cool down walk. I did my lower body weight lifting... and then melted into my chair.

Today I will be anxiously waiting for my training swords (they are wood, so no sharp edges!) Tomorrow morning hubby and I plan on getting up...(I will do my run).. and doing the Samurai workout together. I will let you know on Monday how it went!


Fatinah said...

having to battle weight means living with temptation at every meal - there is no reason to have a bag of crap in the house. with every other vise, you don't do the vise - with food we still have to eat. if you have to remove the stuff yourself - throw it out - why do we all feed our kids crap that we don't eat cause we are trying to be healthy? (my friend asked me that when I said I made two meals for dinner - I was stunned that I had never thought that myself!).
In anycase - I'm very impressed with your will power. I'd be putting the candy in the back of the truck're doing so well. keep up the awesome work!

Pokey said...

I'd make sure you arent mad at hubby anymore before the sword workout! :P

You are doing great. I share the same candy philosophy as your hubby, I stare at the bowl on our counter right now. UGH. It is hard, but I do agree we need to learn how to face temptations and still make smart choices.

I, however, am not always successufl at that....and I have a feeling it will always be an ongoing process.

Keep up the great work!