Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day 68:198

So I am holding at 198... at least I'm not still gaining! I think I have screwed up my eating habits and now I don't know if I am eating too much or not enough? I am hitting my 1500 calorie max every day... but there is a difference between eating 1500 worth of bread and crap... and 1500 worth of veggies, fruit..etc. I think I need to really look at what I am eating.. hopefully that will fix my 'plateau' (ooooh what an ugly word).

Ok, so the majority of the vote yesterday was to take something healthy that I can enjoy. So for the veggie I am making Fatinah's recipe for brussel sprouts. I LOVE brussel sprouts.. but not many other people do, so I may have the whole dish to myself!! For the dessert.. I am still considering, but I am leaning towards a fruit parfait sort of thing... I'm thinking of getting frozen and fresh fruit, filling the bottom of a bowl, then getting some fat free pudding on top and then some granola and blueberries on top of that! What do you think? Better then pumpkin pie, I think!! (Although I was VERY fond of Christine's idea of making a 'sweet ass' dessert and slipping a laxative in it... but knowing me, I would end up eating some anyway!! LOL) I got some great recipes..(Laura, I will use those recipes for Christmas dinner instead!! Thank you!)

I'll have to go to the store and make it all tonight, we are leaving early in the morning.. and I am not a morning cook!! LOL..

Hubby has decided that it is time to get rid of my car and get me a REAL truck. LOL. So on Saturday we are heading into town to look at all the Thanksgiving specials on Trucks. I am really excited!! Hopefully it will be a big enough truck that we can all 5 fit comfortably in it for the trip to Vegas in 2 weeks!!

Yesterday was a complete rest day. I took the kids to the park and let them play with their friends for 2 hours.. then came home and cleaned. My legs are feeling much better, although the inner thigh muscle is still pretty tender... but I hopped on Tready and did my 2 miles.. then did an upper body weight regimen. Today was the last day until next Monday for weights. For the rest of the week I will just be focusing on my wogging and maybe a Forza workout here and there.

See you all on Monday for Weigh In... have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Anonymous said...

Trifle! Similar to what you are thinking but use lady fingers (or angel food cake) instead of granola.

Kudo's to all your hard work the past few months. You're doing an AMAZING job.


Cory said...

Great ideas there. Good luck with the cooking!

de said...

hi tl; i think i am going to the petersons for thanksgiving i almost never go anywhere to eat any more and i usualy do not travel on holidays but since i never do x mas except to worshii guess i will try it

sic duffy on mil that will keep her REAL busy and she cant bother you

Christine said...

You'll make it thru Thanksgiving! Good luck with MIL! Enjoy just a small bit of everything - and you'll have a great time. Take care and glad that I made you laugh.

Christy said...

Soooo jealous of your upcoming trip to Vegas!!! Your choices sound delish and good luck with Thanksgiving!

Lady Shanny said...

Hi TigerLilly!

I finally got a minute to go blog walking to those who have commented me in the last little while.

I will definitely be back to visit you. Congratulations on your loss so far! That's very impressive.

Lady Shanny

MilitaryMom said...

Vegas and a new truck??? I am SO jealous! I hope you had a fantastic holiday, and I hope you have a great weekend.