Friday, November 30, 2007

Day 77:197.5

Yesterday was an emotional day for me. It was my Daddy's birthday and for some reason it is the hardest day of the year for me. Although I miss him all year round, his birthday was his day...and I guess that is why I miss him even more on that day. It was also a little sad for me because it didn't snow. For the past 6 years it has snowed on his birthday...which always made the day a little bit better. Confused? Ok, let me explain. My Daddy HATED snow. The day he died there was a huge snow storm and we all laughed because we knew dad had picked that day to die so that he wouldn't have to see the snow. I always figured Daddy sent down snow on his birthday as a way of laughing at us... I know it is silly, but, well, when it happens for 6 years straight you cant help but start to believe it!! This year we got rain. Of course, we're in a drought, so maybe this year instead of laughing at us, he was just trying to help us! Either way, its another year gone.

Ok... so on to today. Today is the end of November. The last day of another month. It means that today is measuring day....So here you go:

October= 40.5/ 37/ 42
November=39.75/ 36.5/ 42 = -1.25 inches

Total miles wogged in November = 43.5 miles

I ran 2 miles this morning and cut my MPM (minutes per mile) by a whole minute!! That's right.. I went from 17:09 a mile to 16:00 flat!!! IT was amazing. I felt great... I feel great.

Sparkpeople is really helping me with the calorie counting. I went WAY over yesterday..but cookies will do that to ya. hmph. Today I am going to eat lots of oranges... I have a ton of them in the refrigerator that need to be eaten soon.. so if I'm hungry that is what I will eat.

I need to clean the entire house today.. so that should help with the munching too.

Have a wonderful Friday... We'll see you on Monday for weigh-in! Waddle on!!(I love that!!)


Laura N said...

That's such a sweet belief about your dad. I'm sure it's a tough day every year. Totally understandable.

Great job on the lost inches and increased speed. The more you run, the faster you'll get. And I can tell you it does get easier as the weight comes off. Running became (and still is) a huge motivator for me to lose weight. I wanted to get skinnier so I could run faster. That's the kind of motivation that sticks and makes it happen.

Have a happy weekend with your family!

Pokey said...

Sorry you had a rough day thinking of Laura said, totally understandable.

You are doing great on your weight loss and your running....KEEP IT UP!!!!