Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day 61:197.5

No change.. and I feel kinda crummy today so I am making it an official rest day..not even a short wog today. I am a little annoyed that I am not seeing faster results. I know it will take time.. and I know that I am doing this right.. I just have to get over this slump I'm in today. **hmph**

I tried on the jeans that I want to fit back into for the NFR (National Finals Rodeo for all those not in the rodeo world!) and I have another 4 inches to lose around the waist before they will even think of squeezing together to button. I have 3 weeks to the day to get myself in shape.. think I can do it?

I have to come up with a game plan if I am going to do this in time...

1- food has to be measured out (1c. veggies, 1/2c. starch/carb, 3oz protein) . no snacking in between meals.
2- Wogg for 2 miles (or more) every day but Sunday.
3- 60 push-ups and 60 sit-ups after every wogg.
4- Tae Bo Abs every day but Sunday
5- 100 oz of water everyday.. no less
6- Forza 3 days a week... at least

Its not really a whole lot more then what I am doing now.. accept for the added Tae Bo Abs.. but if I am going to lose weight around my waist then I need to work it a little more. Of course, I will start tomorrow with all the exorcising. I am still giving myself today as a rest day.

Thanksgiving is next week... and we are going to my Mother-In-Laws house(God help us). Funny thing is, I don't really pig out at Thanksgiving.. and I actually see it as an easy holiday to keep to my diet. You always have a healthy protein... veggies (as long as they are not soaking in butter) and a rice or stuffing. Keep your portions small and you actually can walk away with a decent meal. Oh.. and no dessert. Although you can make a pumpkin pie with egg whites and splenda that comes out pretty low in fat and calories. I would just rather stay away from it all together.

Another temptation this week is my daughters 4th birthday on Saturday. I was going to make the cake myself but decided that it would be too tempting to lick the bowls, spoons, pans, floors... so I am going to order the cake, and it will be a small one. In fact, I am thinking of getting the tiny round ones they make for 1st birthdays.. It is the perfect size where everyone will get a sliver of cake and it will be gone! Too cheap?

I am off to enjoy my lazy day... of cleaning house.


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

WTG on your progress so far.
And no, the tiny cakes are not too cheap. Bigger cakes just have more calories. And no one needs that.

Btw, love the picture of your daughter!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Sounds like good goals! I always do better when I measure and weigh my portion sizes!

Here's hoping you get to wear your rodeo jeans!

And Happy Birthday to that sweet little girl!

Cory said...

Great schedule there for the next few weeks. I think you'll do well with it.
Happy birthday to the lovely daughter, and I think the small cake is a grand idea. Now is the time to train them in how to celebrate right!

Laura N said...

Looks like a good plan. You can totally do it! (that belly fat is the toughest to get rid of, though... so don't be mad at yourself if those jeans aren't fitting in 3 weeks)

Your daughter is precious. Small cake is the best idea. I can't deal with baking either. That's one of my biggest temptations--raw batter!

groovybabe said...

I know how you feel. I went down to 15.3 then up to 15.8 again. It happened when I wasnt weighing in so I am back to weighing in every day again. It is so fustrating but you *are* doing really well. And your hard work is paying off.

Why do you do another challenge as you seemed to do really well with that last time...?

Cara said...

I have been on this health kick for 5 months now and have only lost 2.5 lbs so far. Boo. But... my jeans sure fit better, and I feel MUCH better.

I understand the frustration, but just try to focus on the positives.

Have a great day off!

Randi said...

Don't know how I missed so much of your blog lately. Sorry 'bout that. I think you're plan looks great. Yes if you want the results you're looking for it's going to be kinda hard. You're gonna have to sacrifice and it might suck so decide now if it's worth it (time wise I mean). Remember, it's only for what, 5 more weeks? You can totally deal with suck for only 5 weeks right?

Donetta said...

You and your daughter are so beautiful! Great goals and I have a cake to make too and frosting for a party on Saturday. I will make it but keep you in mind and not lick the frosting!