Monday, November 19, 2007

Day 66:198
Miles wogged last week: 10.3

For the first time in months I am showing a gain on Weigh In Day. It was harder then I thought to tell you. I thought of lying and saying that I was holding even... but what good would that do? So I gained? I am back on track all ready and should be seeing a loss in a couple of days.. AND I am doing my weight lifting again and I always see a gain the day after weight lifting. This week was terrible and in a way I deserve a gain. For 3 days straight I payed no attention to what I was putting in my mouth. I ate cake and ice cream at my daughters birthday.... I ate more then salad and turkey last night (even sneaking a slice of pumpkin pie). So I am done with this splurge.. it is back on track for me!

This morning I wogged 2 miles (I even jogged a full lap just because) then continued my weight lifting, doing my lower body. The schedule I am on for lifting is getting to be really hard. This week is the 'building' part.. which means heavier weights, more reps... and muscle failure... but in 5 weeks I am supposed to see HUGE results!

Yesterday we spent the day at FIL's. It was fun, but we spent most of the time outside. Some pictures:

For the rest of the week I need to focus on my food. Obviously I have my workouts under control... its the food part I need to whip into shape~


Fatinah said...

80% food, 20% exercise - tell yourself that everytime you want to take a bite of something off plan.

It is funny that we all have that urge to hide our goofs - you're not alone on that front. The best thing to do is what you're doing - get back on program.

Lovely pictures!

Laura N said...

Girl, I so totally understand about the food and the gain (go see my post today--it's nothing like last Friday's). I thought the same thing this morning, that I'd just pretend everything was hunky dory on my blog because I don't want to sound like a whiner. But why do that? I've never faked it before, and going down that path just seemed too dangerous.

So here we are, both admitting we're human and getting back to it. I'm so thankful we can prop each other up!

Your running/walking is going great!! Wow look at those miles you are logging. Super job.

de said...

hi tl; stop already; you are maximus, gorgemous, beautemus, just like you are

Christine said...

Yeah its easier for me to blog the truth. I would be lying to myself otherwise. Not going to get anywhere that way.

BTW you look GREAT!