Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day 11 P90X

I managed to get in 7.5 miles yesterday...I had 1.5 hours of Jui Jitsu in the morning and then managed to do my Shoulders & Arms workout for P90X. THEN.. we went dancing!! My FIL called and asked if Hubby and I could get a babysitter and go dancing with them! I was flattered that they would want to do something like that with us (they have 12 other kids they could have chosen)so I couldn't say no. Besides, Hubby and I haven't gone out dancing since...well, its been years. So I called Granny and asked if she had the energy to watch them for a couple more hours. (Granny watches the kids every Sat morning so Hubby and I can go to jui jitsu together) She said that was fine as long as we dropped them off in their pajamas.

I wore a pair of brown jeans (that are getting a little too big for me) and a black sleeveless shirt that I haven't been able to button in over a year. We met my FIL and his wife at the bar. There was a live country band playing and a lot of friendly faces. We played pool for an hour (Hubby and I kicked butt!) and then danced for the entire last hour. Hubby and I needed that. You forget how much fun your spouse is when you stay home night after night. On top of that it was the same bar Hubby and I met 5 years ago. Afterwards he pretended to walk me to my car, like he did back then, and just before closing my door he darts in and lands a kiss...dejavu!! Yeah, I'm still in love.

Today's plan:

walk, walk, walk

Focus: calories and water

See you tomorrow!


Hanlie said...

Aah, you've just brought to mind me and my hubby's first kiss, on our first date...

totegirl said...

Aw, that rocks! I'm so glad y'all got to have that time together, and so spur of the moment too!

I'm not commenting, but I am here, and I am keeping up with you. You are doing great! Keep it up!

robyn479 said...

That is a great story! I'm so glad to hear that you got to go out like that with your hubby again! That makes me want to do something like that soon with my man...

You are doing SO awesome with the exercise!! It amazes me every time I get on here how much you DO! And, I have NO doubt that those brown jeans you wore are getting too big all of a sudden! You've been working out so hard lately! :)

Way to go, girl. Keep up that hard work! I can tell that you are starting to feel the results.

Jill said...

Aw TL that is so sweet!! It's funny how we can forget that our husbands are human and fun to be with! Guess that's why we fell for them in the first place, huh?
Glad you had a good time. =)