Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Taking Time

My house is slowly getting back to normal. Hubby went to work this morning so I can get busy cleaning. For some reason the house never gets clean when Hubby is home. Maybe I have a cleaning complex? LOL Figure that one out Dr. Phil!

Anyway, I am doing well with my diet and my exorcising. I am anxious to start my challenge so I can really step it up a notch! Being the person who started it I feel a pressure to do it all the way thru... and hopefully cheer on the others to keep it up! Yesterday I took our dog Woodroe for a walk at the park... I think he will be getting a lot of exorcise the next couple of months... and he loved it. My plan is to walk 1 hour in the morning on the treadmill, take the girls for a half hour walk after lunch and then take Woodroe for a half hour walk after dinner. If I can keep that up I will be doing great!

Today's plan is this:

30 min Forza
30 min walk
90 min Karate class tonight

Because Hubby is still not 100% I am taking his place at karate class tonight.

OH!! Hubby has been looking for a new workout. He completed the last one and does not want to repeat it... so he ordered the P90X. Have you guys seen this?? Its a 12 week program with 12 workout DVD's. Each week you change your workout to 'shock' your muscles and keep your body from plateauing. It is supposed to arrive sometime this week... I am SO going to do this with him!!!

Ok.. I gotta get going and get my day done! See y'all tomorrow!


Laura N said...

Great plans! You are so active right now.

I love the idea of your challenge, but I am sorry to say I can't join. I know myself well enough that I won't stick to it. If I get 4 workouts in a week, I'm doing good. But you have a wonderful time and I think it's an awesome idea!

Fatinah said...

I saw a commercial for that yesterday while I was at the gym. I have to be honest - what went through my head was that you would have to be very fit to begin with to do that. I can't wait to hear how you both like it.

Jill said...

My 23 year old neice did that to get in shape for her wedding last year and she said it really works!! It busts your @ss, but it's a great work out and she look fabulous on her wedding day!!

Can't wait for the challenge!! =)