Friday, March 07, 2008

Day 175

Yesterdays food was right on track!! 1499 calories!! LOL

******I HAVE BECOME ACCIDENT PRONE******************

That was the best thing that happened yesterday.... My angel started throwing up again right before my Karate class. Hubby sent me along anyway saying that he would handle it. I had to give him 'the eye'... I know from past experiences that my Hubby has a very sensitive stomach. Whenever he sees somebody else throw up.. he does too. He promised he would be fine though, so I cleaned up the first mess and put her in the bath real quick then ran off to class.

Class was fantastic. We finally got to sparr each other. 15 years ago that was my favorite thing to do... and I was good at it. So I was pretty excited to see how well I was going to do now.

The first three fights went well. Because I took Tae Kwon Do I am not used to punching so I got hit a lot with punches... but... I kicked some of those guys hard enough to remind them I was a black belt once upon a time! The fourth fight didn't go so well. One of my kicks was blocked by this guys elbow... and I think a bone in my foot is broken. If not broken it is REALLY bruised. I iced it last night but this morning it is still swollen, bruised and I cant put a lot of weight on it towards the big toe. (Its the right looks less painful in the picture then in person)

So.. tready is out of the question this morning... but I still need to get some cardio in.. so I am thinking Forza again, plus some HIT weight lifting. I will be hobbling the whole time.. but I cant let this be a ticket to LazyTown!!!

Today's focus is going to be on drinking 16 glasses of water and writing down my food!!

See you tomorrow!


Jill said...

Put some ice on that thing and let it rest for awhile. At least you showed that guy you aren't a wuss!
Keep up the awesome work girl!!

ClaireBoe said...

That does not look good. Ugh.

I have a *very fit* friend who broke her ankle a few years back. She was 50 at the time. She didn't gain one ounce while recuperating, because she continued working out, albeit with an exercise ball and a lot of motivation (and cutting back on food). It is possible. I hurt my knee last summer, and didn't gain an ounce, though I couldn't do any walking during that time (for about 2 months).

You are smart to not let an injury deter you. Rock on, girl.

Laura N said...

OMG that looks awful! Hope it heals quickly. Enjoy your weekend.

Hanlie said...

That looks painful!

Fatinah said...

poor you! meanwhile - good job with the calories! woohooo!!

robyn479 said...

OWWW! I hope that guy's elbow hurts just as bad! :)

Get well soon.

Cara said...

I hope it isn't a break!!