Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Day 173

My Angel woke up this morning and was back to her old self, running around and playing with her horses. It was good to see.

Yesterday went fairly well. I wogged 2 miles but did not do any weight lifting. I will make up for that today. I think I will start up my Forza again and get my arms in shape for the summer.

Today's workout plan is this:

45 minutes of Forza
30 minutes of Wogging
200 ab crunches

Focus today will be on drinking tons of water! I need to obtain "Superhydration".

"Superhydration" entails drinking at least 4 quarts of cold water each day. If a person doesn't consume enough water, his body will try to retain the water it does have. Kidney function is hampered, and waste products accumulate. The liver is then called on to flush out impurities. As a result, one of the liver's main functions - metabolizing stored fat into usable energy- is minimized. The traditional recommendation of 8 glasses (2 quarts) per day isn't nearly enough for maximum fat loss. I recommend twice that.

Furthermore, a person can maximize calorie burn by keeping water ice cold. A gallon of ice-cold water requires 123 calories of heat energy to warm it to core body temperature.
- Ellington Darden, Ph.D.!

I made the mistake of making homemade bread... I am trying to keep my portion down to one slice a day.. but it smells SOOOO good! Do you think homemade bread is better for you then store bought? I think so.. at least I know exactly what is in my bread!! But how do I figure calories??

I think the rest of the day will be spent cleaning the house and disinfecting the girls room!

Stay Focused!


Laura N said...

Glad the girl is better.

4 quarts? Dang, that's a ton of water. I drink at least 2 a day and when I run, probably closer to 3. But I don't think I could do 4. I am in the bathroom every 30 minutes as it is. =) Let us know how the superhydration goes. I love all your experiments. ;-)~

P.O.M. said...

I need to start hydrating up for my long flight.
Thanks for the reminder!

robyn479 said...

Superhydration? Oh crap. That just makes me feel like a total flunk-out in dieting. Like, I'd get a big fat "F" in dieting class (if there was such a thing.) I don't know how I can ever get into the HABIT of drinking as much water as I'm supposed to (which, I'm aiming for 100 ounces a day). I'm still having to basically FORCE myself to drink it. How in the world do you actually drink 4 quarts a day?! Really. How do you do it?

ClaireBoe said...

On my weight loss program, one ounce of bread is one starch, and I'm allowed two a day. Sourdough is lower on the glycemic index, so at this point, that's the only kind of bread I eat.

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