Saturday, December 02, 2006

Addicted to Sugar??

Some might laugh, but after going thru a small binge on fruit snacks I decided to look it up and see if there is any truth to it. And guess what? It can happen! I also found some other disturbing information on what food makes do with the sugar... did you know that glucose is not a natural sugar? Its chemically made. In other words, all that candy you eat, and you feed your kids.. is actually a bunch of chemicals that, if consumed enough, can cause a list full of health problems that we see every obesity, diabetes..etc. Now I know that it seems like common sense, but until I read this ( , it hadn't quite hit home.
quoted from that site:

The purpose of outlining this process for you is to allow you to see for yourself just how unnatural commercial sucrose — table sugar — really is. It would be a miracle if the body were prepared to deal with this stuff, given that nothing like it exists in nature.

The unfortunate fact of life is that this stuff also adds good taste to whatever it is added to and, to make matters even worse, it is strongly addicting. It can be no surprise that sucrose is used as an almost universal constituent of processed foods, all with government approval as long as the package is clearly marked to indicate the presence of sucrose. This is a classic example of the government's hands-off attitude toward the food industry: caveat emptor — let the buyer beware.

When this process of purification of sucrose was first invented, it was carried out by hand and only small quantities of table sugar could be made. It was so expensive, only royalty and other very rich people could afford to consume it as regular fare. Degenerative diseases were once the privilege of the rich. Now everyone can afford them.

To make matters worse, all food manufacturers know of the taste and addiction qualities of sucrose, and almost all of them are willing to use sucrose, or its breakdown product glucose, as a food additive without discrimination to increase their sales of processed foods. Glucose is used as a cheap filler and tastes less sweet than sucrose, disguising from your taste buds the large amount of simple sugar you are introducing into your body. On the label, all this masquerades as "syrup," usually "corn syrup." Thus your mind is deceived, along with your sense of taste.

It is very likely that you are addicted to sugar. A sugar addict can find ways to rationalize the addiction. Sugar addiction is so common in industrialized Western nations as to be unrecognizable. If you grew up in a culture where everyone — every single person from the time a cigarette could be held in the hand — smoked and where practically nothing was said about it, you would come to accept it as a natural fact of life. (Europe is almost such a place.) You would not think of yourself as addicted to tobacco, as there would be no one in your environment with whom to compare yourself. They would all be busy smoking, just like you. Thus, it is with sugar. Fish in the ocean ask no questions about dry land.

Anyway, I thought it was interesting....
Today I have too much to do.. and hubby is working... so I am sad. Will be happy for this day to end.

Hope all is well with everyone. (Is anyone else having problems with their blog?? I dont have any of my buttons...links,bold,italic,picture...etc)
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Mama said...

Yes, sugar sure is addictive!
I guess wine has a ton of it too!
See you sunday
Love Mama

jeannie* said...

Eeek! Thanks for passing along the info! Youre right that even though I knew it, it hits home a lot more when you read it.

Living to Feel Good said...

I already knew sugar was addicting, and I have to be careful to not go over board with it because it also gives me migraines. Caffeine and sugar do that to me. :(

ArleneWKW said...

Try clearing your cache Tigerlilly. I had problems a few months back + went to the blogger help site. I got this hint there. BTW, your cache is probably under "options" in the "tools" part of your web program.