Tuesday, December 19, 2006


It snowed last night...ick. But luckily the only place I need to go today is the grocery store here in town. I got all my Christmas shopping done yesterday, thank goodness. They are all wrapped and stuffed into the closet until Sunday night! We havent gotten a tree yet, maybe on Friday. I would have had one last weekend, but the thought of keeping the girls out of it all week exhausted me...

My diet went ok yesterday.. not as good as it has been. I didn't work out last night like I had hoped, but today I will make up for it! I am feeling better and have a little more energy. Today is a new day.. and I'm starting the day with a HUGE glass of water.

So it looks like Puerto Rico is right around the corner for us. We will be leaving in a couple of weeks! Yeah.. I am soooooooo ready for the warm weather.

I posted a count down to my 29th birthday on here because that is my new date set to reach my goal of 180. That gives me 4 months...16 weeks... to really buckle down and do this thing right. How hard is it to really commit for 16 weeks? Hard, I'm sure... but I have to do it. I am not going to end my 20's being unhealthy and uncomfortable. I want to be that mom that gets mistaken for a sister! LOL (20 years down the road, of course) So... week 1 starts today... I'm buckling down a little harder... I'm going to do this!!

Speaking of buckles... my hubby gave me a silver belt buckle on our first Christmas.. its a special buckle because it is the family trade mark. As much as I could just put it on a bigger belt... I dont wear belts because that means tucking in a shirt.. and I definatley dont do that. So part of my goal is to be able to lose enought weight to be able to tuck in my shirt and wear the family buckle.

I hope everyone is having a wanderful week. Share the spirit of the holiday. Share a smile in the stores. If nothing else, give love.

Have a Blessed Day


Cory said...

I'm so jealous! Puerto Rico will be fun. I can't wait to hear about it.

I'm sure you'll meet your goal. It seems fairly doable.

Anonymous said...

Good job on setting that 16 week goal for yourself. Mini-goals like that can be really motivationg. Your doing sooo good! Just keep it up!


Michelle said...

Think of me when you're laying on the beach ... or better yet, just send me a cabana boy! LOL!

So, as a mom with little kids, do you usually put all the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve when they're sleeping? Or just Santa's presents? I'm at a crossroads, I usually don't put any out until Christmas Eve when they're sleeping, but they're getting older now, and it takes so long to put everything under the tree and not get caught! LOL!

Anonymous said...

You can use the quote on one condition...you have to promise to bring me a husband back from Puerto Rico!