Thursday, December 14, 2006


So yesterday was FANTASTIC!! I ate small portions... 1 piece of bread....tons of water AND I did Tae Bo cardio in the morning, ab work out in the afternoon and after watching the Biggest Loser I did a 1 hour ULTIMATE Tae Bo work out. Needless to say, I am sore... but I feel great. This morning I have a massive glass of water sitting in front of me and my water is boiling for tea. I plan on having another egg white / onion omlette this morning. I am totally on top of this today! Yeah.. I love it when I feel like this. The bicycle trailer is due to arrive today...and if it is not too late I am hoping to take the girls on a ride around the park! Thanks DE!

So I tend to do alot of thinking when I'm cleaning. Yesterday, as I was washing dishes, I was wandering what it was that scared me about losing wieght. In a way, I think it is the thought of reaching my goal....because then what? What will I have to worry about? What goals will I have after that? After awhile I saw my reflection in the window and thought... how wanderful to have a goal other then losing weight! So I think I am starting to get my mind on the right track to do this.

Biggest Loser last night... HOLY COW.. I cried! Can you believe Poppi? She was amazing. Kai (was that her name?).. she kinda annoyed me with all the stupid gestures she was making. I know its exciting but... was she drunk you think? Anyway, that was amazing... every single person on that stage had lost weight.. how inspiring. I almost signed up for the next season, but it means being away from my girls too much.. so I didn't. But I am VERY determined now to do a poppi!

I hope everyone is doing well and be strong today... we can do this!!

Have a Blessed Day!


jeannie* said...

Congrats on having a great day yesterday! THREE workouts... thats amazing!!! I'm just hoping to squeeze in one today haha.

And I agree that Kai is super annoying. I thought she might be drunk... but then decided she's just like that. Ick. But all annoying-ness aside everyone looked AMAZING! And yes I want to be Poppi!!! Size TWO! And Erik also look wonderful... I didnt even recognize him!

Michelle said...

I love it - I want to do a Poppi too! :) And I agree with Jeannie - Kai's just weird like that. I bet she'll look back and regret her behavior. I just new Erik would win - but mostly because he had the greatest potential to lose weight. In a way, doing it by percentages is fairer that who lost the most weight, but on the other hand, if you're currently double your ideal body weight, of course you're going to have a greater percentage lost.

But anyway ... you totally rocked yesterday with your workouts! Keep up the amazing workd!

Cory said...

That sounds like a wonderful day, and a great mindset. Glad things are going well.

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

There are so many goals you can set after losing weight! You can resolve to run a 5k or a 10 mile race. Or you can plan to write a book or publish a short story. You could learn a new skill, like martial arts or rockclimbing or knitting! Have fun planning your new goals, 'cause I know you'll reach your weight loss goal soon!

de said...

ghood tl you got my e mail will let you know the minute it gets here however ups usualy comes in afternoon

Greta & Gurdy said...

I LOVED watching BL last night! Poppi was amazing as was Erik. I agree about Kai- she was a little wonky all season long but last night was nutty. A but annoying. And what was with Caroline's dress? Yuck.

lisa jane said...

I would think that anyone would find it absoluetly impossible to be mad at you,you are too sweet.So no Im not.I just think that I should keep my mouth shut about things that arent my business.

I have not seen the episode yet because we are behind here.We wont see it till next monday,so i was trying to skim read.kai irritates me.