Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sleepless in Arizona

Last night my youngest could not sleep. I dont know why. No fever, no aches or pains that I could find. She just woke up at 10:30pm and that was it. She was up! So I was up until 3:30am when she finally passed out on my shoulder. I got to watch all the terrible midnight shows that are on...nothing really to brag about. I did watch the original Iron Chef...that was silly. I like the Iron Chef America MUCH better. So, anyway, I am exhausted. I was thinking of spending the day on the couch, but that would only mean fighting off sleep as my girls destroyed the house.. so I am going to try and do some excersize this morning and get the blood going. I am also going to arrange my books.... I've got enough books to start my own library, only they are all piled up on the floor of my closet. So, today I'm going to try and find a place for them. I love books... all kinds. So much so, that I am actually writing one. I won't say more then that in fear of jinxing myself.

My diet went kapoot yesterday. I baked cookies.... WHAT WAS I THINKING?? First of all.. cookies are the only thing that I cannot bake! I always burn them, and they never rise. Second of all... since no one else will eat them... I always do. So yesterday I ate a dozen peanut butter cookies, burnt. So, lets try again today, shall we? Starting with a big glass of water and 100 sit ups!

I saw a commercial for some trendy clothing. The body on the model was disgustingly perfect... I know... they airbrush... but still. Not a single ounce of flab...perfect boobs...and a tan that did not come naturally. The only thing I could think was... that is what I want to look like. But why? believe it or not.. because I want to look that good in clothes too! LOL My chances of doing that? Well... all mothers will tell you that the perfect boobs disappear after the second child. If I lose 50lbs... I MIGHT look that good... but will definatley be doing some extra sit ups. I know, its not realistic to have that body as my goal... but whatever works right?

Well.. I think I am rambling.. and I'm not sure, but I think my daughters are wearing my good jewelry.. so I better go.

Have a Blessed Day.


Cory said...

Sorry to hear about the sleepless night, and the cookie fiasco. I can't cook them either. They are one of the few things I can't cook. But you will do better today.

jeannie* said...

I too had a recent peanut butter cookie downfall. My problem is that I make the TOO good. So I just want to eat them up!!!

But we will both do better today, I'm sure of it!

Hopefully you're not too sleepy today. Play with your girls, drink lots of water and youll have a great nights sleep tonight!

Anonymous said...

Peanut Butter cookies are my weakness. Bad bad cookies! I'm a big reader too. I love that your writing a book. I keep saying that I'm going to do the same. I've even gone as far as to write an outline. I just can't seem to get past chapter one! You've inspired me to give it another go...have a great day!


Am sure you will have a better day today! Everyone gives into temptation now and again.

I have stumbled across your blog via makingovermichelle, I love how you guys encourage each other and share tips etc about weight loss.

You all have inspired me to start and stick with it in the New year.

Good luck and I will keep checking the blog for updates.