Friday, December 22, 2006

The Most Stressful Day Of The Year..... Thank God It's Almost Over!!

Ok, so today started out great. We all got up extra early, got dressed and headed out to town to finish our Christmas shopping. My hubby had to do a little bit of work so he dropped the girls and I off at Kmart to start shopping without him. My mom works there, so the girls got to see Granny for a little bit too! While I usually have Amber in her Monkey suite (a monkey backpack wich doubles as leash and harness so she cant run off) we had come in Hubbys car and had left the Monkey Suite in my car. So I made sure she stayed close by. There were not alot of people there yet, so I thought it was pretty safe. We visited with Granny for a little while and when she went back to work, we went to start shopping. About 10 minutes later, Amber and I are looking at something.. I dont remember what anymore... when she decided that it would be fun to play hide and seek. As I called for her to come back by me... she gave me a grin and RAN. I grabbed the cart.. which had Bailey sitting like an Angel in it.. and chased after her... as I rounded the corner... she was gone. I ran down two more isles and then started to panic. I ran to my mom who was working jewelry and told her she had run off. My mom, the quick thinker that she is, ran to the front of the store to block the door so she couldn't get out......but she had already run out the doors!!! My mom saw her on the sidewalk. She was running back toward the store with a terrified look on her face.... matching the one on my face! I took a BIG sigh of relief when I saw my mom carrying her towards me.... from now on.. she is wearing that halter and leash 24/7!!!

Anway... about 20 min later my cell phone rings and its my hubby asking where in the store I am... I tell him and he comes and finds me with that look on his face that I know well as the 'I've got bad news' look. He tells me we have to go home NOW because our dog has attacked my pet goat Billy tearing one ear in half and slicing his back legs. (Billy is a special goat because he was born disfigured, no one wanted him because he could not walk on all 4 legs.... he walks on his front legs like he's doing a hand stand) So we rushed home, I felt better once I saw that our neighbor was standing watch by Billys house to make sure Jasmine did not attack him again. I was able to clean Billy up and bandage him... but it broke my heart that Jasmine would do this. Having two small children, we could not keep a dog that had such a mean streak... especially since she has never shown aggresion for Billy before.... Hubby took Jasmine and got rid of her...

So ... needless to say... it has been hours since I've been able to take a deep breath and relax today. My heart is heavy for both Billy and Jasmine. Amber has recieved a couple extra hugs today... and the bottle of Baileys Irish Creme with Caramel that is sitting on the top of the fridge is about to be opened and poored over some ice!

Tomorrow is my father-in-laws Christmas party....sunday...I think is a day of staying in bed for me!! ... and then it's Christmas!!

Hope everyone is having a better day then I am!! Merry Christmas... Happy Holiday!! I will see ya'll tomorrow!!


Mama said...

Thank God Amber is safe and a smart little three year old! What a scare!!
I too loved jazz but I feel somethig snaped and I am so sorry!
Thank God it was not on the girls and I pray Billy will be fine.
May God be with us the next few days and give us peace, joy, and comfort and as always continue to guide our lives that we may know what He would wish us to do.
I love you

angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh my word!!! enjoy that baileys - you deserve it. take it easy and breathe deeply. whew!

Cory said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all that. What a sucky day. At least you are able to sit back and say that everyone is fine.

And you have a beautiful tree!

Greta & Gurdy said...

OMG POOR Billy!!! And poor Jasmine too- I don't think I want to know where she went :(

I'm so sorry the day went as it did. Try to enjoy that Bailey's. :)

And the tree looks great :)

lisa jane said...

Bloody kids!!!!
Merry christmas to you and your family.Hope santy brings you all that is nice

KathDayKnight said...

My beautiful little cat was put to sleep on the same day. I'm so sorry you were going through something so sad as well. :(
Let's hope something lovely happens for the both of us now.
C xxx