Friday, December 15, 2006


Good Morning! I hurt! Yeah... LOL

Yesterday was another PD! I stayed on track with food, drank tons of water and tea, excersized for 30 min last night to Tae Bo Cardio. My legs are killing me.. but its a good hurt! DE emailed me and told me that the bicycle trailer got here, so I am off this morning to go pick it up.. and then, if the weather is nice, I will take the girls for a ride! I can't wait to try it out.

So I was talking to my aunt, who is a very health conscious person. She is going thru menapause right now.. and trying to lose weight at the same time. She found out that woman going thru menapause lose tons of calcium.. and calcium is actually a fat burner. Who knew? So yesterday I went and bought those calcium chews by Viactive I am not going thru menapause, but because of my hysterectomy, my body does not have as much of it as it should. I also started taking my vitemans again... not that I ever should not take them.. but I always forget about them. I guess part of getting healthier is actually remembering all this stuff!

Tomorrow night is a Christmas party at my grandmothers house. Lots of food... no doubt. We were all asked to bring something so I am making a Honey Cake. I found the recipe in the Weight Watchers cook book.. so at least there will be ONE dessert I can have a slice of without completely going off the charts!

I have to add this quote that I got from Poppy's blog Melting Away. I think it is exactly my problem when it comes to dieting:

"The chief cause of failure & unhapiness is trading what we want MOST, for what we want at the moment."

Thanks Poppy!

I am excited that I have finally found my diet mojo! I have faith now that I can do this.... and if I can do this.. you can too!

Have a Blessed Day


jeannie* said...

Good for you!! And I'm so glad you got a trailer!!! I kept meaning to tell you that that's what Ar recomends by FAR! Theyre much more safer for the little ones and more versatile! CAnt wait to hear how your first ride with it goes!

Good luck at the holiday party... so tough with lots of family and food around. But just keep your diet mojo around and youll be FINE!

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

I always have trouble remembering my vitamins, too! Maybe you could leave them by your toothbrush, so you always see them in the morning.

Poppy said...

Isn't that quote great! I have the same problem. I say I want to loose weight, but i'm always ready to trade in being thin and healthy for a Big Mac!

I just want you to know that I've pulled my book outline out again. You have inspired me to try writing a little more. We'll see what happens...

Good job on the exericsing and the bike trailer. Sounds like you and your girls will be going for many rides.

Have a Great Weekend!


de said...

hi tl i bet it was fun i am glad the girls giggled
thanks for the picture it looks just like the one in the add

Julie said...

I am convinced that the reason I have been so much more successful at taking off the weight and keeping it off this time is the major increase in my daily intake of dairy, fruits and veggies. I eat at least 3 servings of dairy a day - yogurt, cottage cheese and milk - and it really helps to keep me feeling full and satisfied (you know how much I love cheese! it's really all kinds of dairy...) Stock up on all of your favorite veggies and fruits - don't bother with the kinds you are just lukewarm about it because you won't eat them! I definitely notice a difference in my ability to keep my appetite under control when I eat the veggies/fruit and when I don't---it also makes a difference in how things "come out", if you will. TMI? :-)