Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hump Day

Hi ya'll!

So hubby finally went back to work today and I took the girls to Granny's house to play. It was great. Granny got out the shaving cream and we dove right in! Here are some pics....

So I signed up for Michelle's 2007 Challenge today. Go check it out.. I think it will be alot of fun.. and a great way to challenge yourself every month!

I am feeling really good this week. I dont know if it is because I got clothes that actually fit me for Christmas... or if its because I am finally losing weight! One of the best things I've discovered is that my wedding ring finally fits! I have been taking it off while I'm at home because it was so tight.. but now, I am wearing it with room to wiggle!!! I can finally leave it on!!

I am doing my Tae Bo tonight... which brings me to this question. How much time do you work out everyday?? I was reading some of The Biggest Loser blogs and noticed that none of them excersized less then 3 hours a day!!! WOW... where am I going to find 2 more hours in my day to excersize... and what am I going to do WITH those 2 hours??? Am I not doing enough? Should I be working out morning ,noon and night?? hmmmmm ... let me know what you are doing.. Keep in mind that I dont go to a gym (the closest one is 40 minutes away).

Well... with that... I will see ya'll tomorrow!!

Have a Blessed Day!


angie's pink fuzzy said...

woo hoo, what fun with the shaving cream!

yay for wiggle room on the wedding ring!!!

3 hours?! wow, that's crazy!!! When I lost weight, I didn't work out that much. It probably averaged out to 60 to 90 minutes a day, most of that done on the weekends when I did long runs...

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

My workout lengths vary, depending on what I have planned for the day. They're usually at least 40 minutes long, and rarely longer than 2 hours. I think most health/fitness experts would say that 2 hours is the most anyone needs to be exercising per day for weight loss or fitness. The Biggest Loser people did 3 hours of exercise because they needed dramatic results quickly. But in my experience, more than 2 hours per day is a recipe for burnout and injury.