Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Today just didnt start out right... not that anything went really wrong... I just didn't feel myself. So I started the day off with oatmeal and far so good... then I moved on to one of those new Special K snack bars that are only 90 calories a bar..then some m&m's and some chips... my Lean cuisine lunch that only had 270 calories and now dinner is tomatoe and spinach quiche for 127 calories per serving (the trick to lowering the calories is to take away the crust all together!!... I've only had 3 glasses of water and 1 cup of tea, which might be the problem.. .but I also did not work out this morning which I have been doing for the past two weeks... but am definatley working out tonight... I am looking forward to a good sweat.

So I picked up our portraits today... thought I would share them.. they are not too clear because they are pictures of pictures.. but you'll get the idea!!!

I am still excited for the wedding, although I am not sure I met my goal of 199... we shall see on ....OH YEAH... TOMORROW is weigh day... ACK.

Have a Blessed night.


Galen said...

Those are great pictures and you have a great looking family.

As for not feeling yourself, sometimes you may just need a break, and perhaps this is one of these days. I am sure that tomorrow will be a good day for you...weigh in and all.

Btw, slightly off topic, Michelle's monthly that a gal only thing? I didn't see any male names on the site.

Galen said...

Can I handle being the only guy? Bring it on! LOL

Seriously, the challenge sounds pretty well done and I think I may just try it out. After all, more motivation is even better than just some.

Fatinah said...

what a beautiful family

Cory said...

You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

jeannie* said...

Great picutres!!

Salma Gundi said...

I think those Kellogg's bars are gateway snacks. They seem like a reasonable indulgence, but they are just junkfoody enough to make you want to the real thing after you have one ... or at least, that's how it worked for me! I finally had to give my box of them away.

Your family is lovely, and so are you! I hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding.

ClareUK said...

Your pictures are so cute!

And well done on the weightloss journey so far.