Sunday, January 07, 2007


Dinner at moms was wanderful.... and I found (all together now) on FITDAY that chicken curry is under 300 calories per cup!! It was yummy, and I could have had another cup.. but it filled me up and was spicy warm for a cold night! Thanks mama!!

Bailey made friends with moms cat Morris. She laid down next to him and just started up a little conversation. Very cute.

Yesterday calories were 1551. I was hoping to work out again last night, but passed out on the couch again. So I am hoping to get in a workout this morning when hubby wakes up. I already have a kidlet up this morning and she is my shadow.. so will have to wait.

I changed my weigh in day to once a month! On the 25th of every month I will weigh in. As long as I lose at least 4 lbs every month I am on track...and I really want to quit worrying about the numbers on the scale. I am just going to pay attention to my body.. and right now I can already tell that I am losing weight...(Dont get me wrong.. I will probably be hopping on that scale every once in awhile to make sure I am on track!!) My first goal I am hoping to meet by Jan 25th and that is to be under 200 lbs! My brother in laws wedding is on the 27th, so that would be perfect timing!

Today's plan is.... workout, church, clean

Have a Blessed day!


Michelle said...

Happy SONday Tigerlilly! Your daughters are so adorable, but you knew that already ;)

I think weighing in once-a-month is a great idea, especially if that darn number on the scale is consuming all that you do.

You are doing GREAT!!! I asked my friend to do the you-know-what we talked about earlier last week, and hopefully will get it tomorrow and can send it out to you soon!

Have a wonderful day!

Tee said...

I love Curry!!! I didn't know it was so calorie friendly though.

Weighing in once a month may be a good idea. Best Wishes.

Have fun at church - say a prayer for all of us.

Tee :}

Cory said...

I really hope the once a month weigh in works for you. I've known people that it works better for, although I personally can't stay on track that way. And paying attention to your body is the most important thing anyway. Those inches count more than the pounds!

Judi Finneran said...

I applaud you on your decision to weigh only one day a month. It is about a lifestyle, not a diet. Way to go. Also, I could have had another helping of dinner tonight, but didn't. Was very proud of myself and am proud of you too.

jeannie* said...

Weighing in once a month and focusing more on your body than on the scale is a great idea!!! Good for you!