Friday, January 05, 2007


Good Morning Ya'll.... Thank Goodness Its Friday!!! I may be a stay home mom, but fridays mean I've got two whole days of being with my hubby...(and having a little help with the rugrats!) Tomorrow morning we are getting our family portrait done... and its about time! The one hanging in our living room shows my 1 1/2 yr old when she was 2 weeks old!! I LOVE pictures... so whenever I can drag my hubby to stand in front of a camera.. I do! Sunday I am headed back to church... yes, I said back. I have been terrible and have not gone in months. When I thought we were leaving for Puerto Rico I said goodbye to everyone and that was that. But the move get postponed...over and over again.. and now it is cancelled completely. So now its time to get back into the grove of things. Today I am going to unpack the suitcases, which makes me a bit sad.. but I cant keep them packed forever... and I am tired of stubbing my toe on them every time I walk into the bedroom.

So I spent 2 hours cruising everyones blogs yesterday.. and I'm sorry if I did not leave a comment on everyones blog, but I think everyone is doing awsome.. and it is such a fantastic group of women! What a Blessing!

In a couple of those blogs I read that they were using a sight called So I thought I would check it out.. and thank God I did. I sat down yesterday and wrote down everything I ate yesterday... even the cheats... and when I thought I had eaten about 1600 calories (before dinner) FitDay figured it all in at 3500 calories! YIKES! I think I was fudging numbers without even thinking about it... just to make me feel better. Well.. shoot... that sucks.. .but at least now I know that I am still eating WAY too much. So today I am going to "write what I bite" and type them into FitDay as the day goes on... that way, I am doing this right!!

I am hoping it will be a warmer day today so that I can take the girls on a bike ride... they are saying snow.. but sometimes that means really warm weather before it starts falling.. keeping my fingers crossed.

So, I finally got the pic of my fridge for the 2007 Group Challenge, and compared to ya'lls, it is a MESS. I was going to try and clean it out so I could post the before AND after pics together, but I havent had time yet.. so here is the BEFORE...

It's a side by side, the left side is the freezer. To be completely honest, I dont know what is all in there... but it obviously needs to be cleaned out... so ... stay tuned for the AFTER pics!!

Have a Blessed Day and Stay Strong... One day at a time we can change our lives!!!


Kellie said...

Here's a confession that will shock every woman with a family and many of those that don't: My daughter is now 8 and we have NEVER taken a family portrait!! I know, I know, but I am so self conscious pics that I just put it off, and put it off...

You fridge looks like it will be a challenge, but won't it feel great when it's done!! Good for you!!!

Michelle said...

I'm like Kellie - I HATE being in photos, so I have just one formal family portrait of me and the kids. It's so sad!! But I'm changing that RIGHT NOW! Thanks to you! :)

Awh, I'm so sorry about your trip being cancelled. You're welcome to come up to Wisconsin if you want. Not exactly the same, but still ... LOL!

FitDay rocks doesn't it? I like to enter all my foods as custom foods because their default foods are a little weird sometimes. Don't forget you can also plug in your workouts too!! I don't keep track of the "lifestyle" activities (they even have housework on there), but I do put in my workouts.

Stay strong, be healthy, and good for you for going back to church!

Paige said...

Ha! Thank goodness someone else has a crowded fridge, too! I'm gonna try to post my fridge pics (albeit later than required) sometime this weekend, but yeah, your fridge looks a LOT like mine.

amy said...

My son is almost 12 and we've only taken one official family portait in his lifetime. He was about 6 I think. I just can't stand looking at myself in pictures and proudly displaying my pudginess all over the place. Ugh.

I also hoard the camera whenever we go on vacation so no one will take pictures of me. I take hundreds of pics, but I'll be damed if I'm gonna let one of me slip in there.

We went to Jamaica last January, and there are, unfortunately WAY more pics of me than I would like. We went with five friends, so I couldn't control ALL of the cameras. There are some bad ones of me snorkeling and floating on a tube in the hotel lazy river, and a couple REALLY nasty ones of me strapped in a gawd-awful harness thing going down a zipline in the forest. There are rolls of fat oozing out of that harness everywhere. Shudder.