Tuesday, January 30, 2007

February Challange

Januarys challange for me was to get under the 200 lbs mark... and I did not succeed. HOWEVER, I DID lose 9 lbs this month and that is fantastic... so my goal for February is too match my weight loss this month and go for the goal of 195. I am also going to add to that...WATCH MY PORTION SIZES.... I do so well some days, and other days I just keep eating and eating... grrrr.

For those of you who dont know what challenge I am talking about... Its the "Make Yourself A Priority in 2007" challenge... you can check it out here. Women AND Men are welcome to join. Currently there are 14 people signed up for the month of February... dont worry, you just have to sign up for one month at a time, so if things just get to hectic you can take a month off! Its alot of fun, and you meet some amazing people. Its a great motivation maker!

The weather is turning cold again and they said more snow is heading our way. We have been told that the possiblility of going to Puerto Rico this month is pretty good...(yes, they are still taking us... but I'm not holding my breath)... so I am praying that it will be soon so that I can walk on the beach instead of digging in snow to get too my car the next two weeks. Wishfull thinking is what I call it!!!!

On a sad note, Billy the goat passed away sometime yesterday in his sleep. I went to feed him and found him in his house curled up and sleeping... but not breathing. I was sad, but at the same time it was a blessing. He was born crippled and had lived to the ripe age of 8 years old.. I think he was happy to go.

Ok... so lets make it happy again... I worked out twice yesterday and this morning I am sore but loving it. The bad thing is I over ate at dinner last night... so guaranteed I crossed those out with the huge plate of spaghetti I had. Today I am making up for it by sticking to fruits and veggies.

Have a Blessed Day


Cory said...

I think you will do well in your challenge this month. Watching the portion sizes should help you with the weight goal. Congrats on the 9 pound loss this month. That is fantastic!

jeannie* said...

Sounds like a great challenge for Feb! And 9 pounds is GREAT for one month :)

Weight Master said...

I'm new to blogging, so I hope to become more aquainted with everyone. I don't think there's anything wrong with overeating every now and then. Exercise is the key in my opinion.

Galen said...

Hey there! Nine pounds is awesome! I am proud of you for losing that.

Don't worry about over eating once or twice. It's only when you make it a habit that it's a problem. I should know. And working out twice, TWICE in one day! TL that is wonderful! Keep it up.

I can't wait until the challenge starts up..I am excited to be in on it...even though it might be just a little loney for me. LOL

Btw, the pics from the wedding look fantatic!


Tee said...

Congrats on the 9 lbs lost!!!
Wooohooo...how awesome!!!

Sorry to hear about Billy : (

Have a great night!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

aww, sorry bout billy.

Living to Feel Good said...

RIP Billy! :(

Judi Finneran said...

9 pounds that is fabulous...my goal was to get under 300 and won't know until tomorrow morning. Like you if I did not make it, I will celebrate what I have lost and start February as excited as ever.....Glad to be on the Team with you.


Greta & Gurdy said...

so sorry to hear about Billy :(
But on a happy note kudos on the working out and new challenge!

ArleneWKW said...

Mega congratulations on getting rid of the 9 pounds. I didn't know about Billy, but I'm a critter lover and am sorry to hear about his death.

Michelle @ The 2007 Challenge said...

Hi sis, I'm very sorry to hear about Billy *hugs*

Congratulations on losing 9 lbs - that's wonderful!