Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday and Snow

Yes, it is STILL snowing. We havent gotten a whole lot, maybe a couple of inches.. but it is definatley still falling and is supposed to snow all day today. So... enought of the depressing stuff...

I did a great workout last night. I bought a new workout dvd and it kicked my butt!! It used one of those workout balls... you know, the ones you just want to sit and jump on the whole time. It reminds me of an old toy I had as a little girl.. anyway... it killed my butt.. literealy. I can barely sit down today! So, for this mornings workout I am going to do another new dvd that is aerobic indoor walking.. and a Tae Bo Abs workout..

I am getting more excited as the wedding gets closer! My sister-in-law called yesterday... (we are staying with her and her husband for the wedding) and she is treating me to an "up-do" at her hairstylest. I cant wait! Jessica only has the best... and she always looks the best... so now I know I will too!!! Yeah!

Hubby is waiting a couple of hours to see if the roads are clear to the city.. so I'm not sure if I will be camping out in the living room tonight or not.. I am hoping not! But I think it will be good for him to go to his brothers bachelor party too... so either way, I'm fine with it.

Time to go blurfing (blog surfing).. will see ya'll soon!

Have a Blessed day


Tee said...

I love the new word - blurfing, I must use it.

Any how congrats on the workout. I am sure you will meet your goal by weeks end. Best Wishes!!!

This weekend I will be chillaxin (chilling and relaxing), how about that for a new!!

Have a great Saturday!

Galen said...

Sounds like a great workout...but I don't think the ball is for know, if you have any snowshoes...walking in the snow is a wonderful aerobic activity.

Hope you have a really good rest of the weekend.