Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday's Devotional

Good Morning Ya'll! Yesterday went MUCH better. I took everyones advice and just let go of my binge and moved forward. I drank water all day long, excersized- twice!, and ate healthy. I feel good about it.. and I feel good about today.

I have to thank everyone that left comments on my 'before' pics. Ya'll are awsome!! I was more then flattered at all the beautiful comments.. and it made me feel a little bit better about putting them up here. My hubby, who finally came home last night, said that I was very brave to do that. I told him my reasoning was this.... People see me everyday this heavy. Besides, I am looking forward to seeing my results every month.

So, thanks again. I have never had friends that I could share my fat fighting with... and this is great! Ya'll are so supportive and I feel blessed to have met all of you.

Anyway... onwards to my weekly devotional. From the book Devotions for Nibblers by Kristen Johnson Ingram

Listening to My Body:

And now, my children, listen to me: happy are those who keep my ways. Hear instructions and be wise, and do not neglect it. -Proverbs 8:32,33

Science has now mapped human genes, and I'm awed to know that when I was only a single cell, God had already put my DNA together, with instructions for my life. My body KNOWS what it needs, has known since before I was born.
God didn't program me to eat more then I need. But my body and my appetite are now out of touch. My stomach isn't always asking for food, but I keep reaching for the potato chips and chocolate chip cookies. I quench my thirst with soda pop, even though our city has the best water in the country. And when the brain God gave me asks for mental stimulation, I anesthetize it with food. I can listen to the body God gave me. And I can give my brain the food it needs: books, music, friends and work.

For Further Reflection

1. what is your body telling you about your eating habits?
2. Even if you're overweight, could you be starved for vitemins and minerals?
3. How can you satisfy your creative urges without food?


O God, You made me with a mind and body that know what to do. Help me listen to them. Amen

It's time for me to check on all of ya'll!! So have a Blessed Day and we'll see you later! (With pics for the Group Challenge!)


Fatinah said...

what a simple, yet powerful prayer. you have given me much to think about missy.

de said...

hi ti you just keponkeeping on you will make it
i have to work thuru my big problem must clean house today

jeannie* said...

I'm glad youre feeling good about things today! Keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

I so needed that! I especially like reflection #3. It really makes me really think about what I can replace my food urges with. Instead of heading to the fridge, I can come up with another outlet. Maybe when I get snacky, I can train myself to write instead of eat! If I did that, I'd finish that book in no time!
Hope you have a great day!

Kellie said...

I am so glad that you are feeling good today!! That makes me feel good. Now we all feel good!! ;)

Thanks for the wonderful message too!

Cory said...

I needed that so much this afternoon! Thank you so much for sharing, and for having such insight as to what we need to see!

PearShapedGirl said...

Glad to hear you've moved past the binge - not always an easy thing to do! Congrats on mustering the courage to post those before pics. You are one gorgeous gal! Seriously, totally gorgeous! I took some before pics of myself with the automatic time, but I was wearing underwear so those are not getting posted any time. But I look forward to watching myself get smaller and watching you get smaller as well - we can do this!

Take care,

Tee said...

Lovely and powerful post! It has opened up my eyes. Hopefully now when I am ready to give my body food just because, I will remember this post and think of others ways to satisfy the urge.

Thanks, this was right on time.
TEE :}

Meghan said...

Congrats on moving past the binge. It can be so hard to let things go and move forward and it's really great that you were able to bounce back with such an awesome day!

Michelle said...

I love it I love it I love it!! Thank you for sharing your devotionals with us! I can hardly wait until next weeks!

Robyn said...

This is so cool because it's like we're reading along on the daily devotionals with you! Gives a good perspective on things I think :)

Keep it up, you have a great attitude and it shows on that beautiful face of yours!