Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Good Morning!!! I am feeling gooooooooood today! I hopped on the scale... just to make sure that everything I am doing is right... and it is!! I am not going to tell you what is it was this morning... but I am difinatley on the right track!! Woohooo. Now I am going to hide the scale so that on the 25th it will be a wanderful surprise!

I have been going thru the back of my closet to see if I have anything to wear to the wedding... we have to buy hubby a suite, and seeing that he has never owned one I thought we would get him a really nice one and save on the money by me just wearing a dress I already have... and there were two that I am debating on. One is a really gorgeous black dress that has a lace back and the dress part is actually pants. The last time I wore it was on a Cruise when I was 15... it still fits, but is tighter then I remember... but maybe 20 lbs lighter.. hmmmmmm...

The second dress is a black velvet, full length dress that is sleevless. I wore it 10 years ago to a company Christmas Ball. I haven't tried it on yet, it is at my moms house but I am picking it up today to see if it might work. I might have to take pictures of me wearing both and get a vote from all of you as to which one I should wear! That would be fun!!

While I was in my closet this weekend cleaning up the mess my girls made, I found a shirt that I bought a LONG time ago that I would LOVE to fit in again. It would mean me getting down to probably 170 to get back into it... but it would sooooo be worth it. So that will be another goal for me this year... to be able to wear this outfit again!!!

Today is full of running errands and I am applying at the hospital here for a part-time night job. I am hoping to get into the ER or OR.. and it will bring in the little extra money that we are really needing now.

Have a Blessed Day!!


Fatinah said...

I actually went through my closet this morning. I had 2 size of clothes in there. So, I've separated them, and I'm only putting back the ones I can wear. I have a whole bunch of pants that are a size too small for me now. As I go down, which I think will be in 6 - 8 lbs, I will give away the big pants. I found some stuff that I would love to wear again also, but nothing as nice as the top you have shown! I like the black outfit you have pictured. I bet you look really pretty in it! Best of luck with the part time job!

jeannie* said...

Ohhh yes!!! Try them on, take picutres... it will be a little fashion show!

lisa jane said...

That photo of your darling looking at your dress is prescious.

Robyn said...

Just how cute is that child of yours!!!

She's making my clock tick...thanks ALOT - hee!