Monday, January 22, 2007

A New Me!

Nope, your not imagining it! I dyed my hair!! Another impulse buy.. but I am liking it! I've done worse to my hair... like the time in high school when I tried to dye my hair and it came out green... I called my dad from school because I was soooo embarresed! LOL. I've had black hair, bleach blonde hair, red hair, (green hair).... so this is nice!

Thanks for all the votes on my dresses. So far the count is Lace- 10 and Velvet-2. The funny thing is that all the women have voted for the lace, while the two men... my husband and Galen... voted for the velvet! I am still not sure and am thinking of taking both of them and just see which one feels good the day of the wedding! Thanks PearShapedGirl...I am going to take a silk shawl with me just in case I wear the velvet one... great idea!!

I have a confession to make though... it was harder to post those pictures then it was my half naked before pics.. why? Well, both those dresses were worn years ago. The lace one used to hang off of me and flow so nicely...and the velvet one did the same.. in fact I remember the velvet one being longer, but because of my hips and chest, it has risen a couple of inches. Anyway, I guess it was one of those terrifying moments when you realize just how much weight you've gained. I'm ok with it though... its still me...and I am fighting it. I have actually noticed that since eating so healthy and such low calories that I dont crave the cruddy stuff anymore. In fact, I crave veggies and fruit now when I am feeling snacky... now THAT is a breakthru!!!

So yesterday I did Tae Bo Abs... and Tae Bo Cardio.. and I am S-O-R-E! My obliques are killing me everytime I turn my waist...wooohooo..(ow). Today I am taking a break from Tae Bo, but am going to walk 3 miles with the indoor aerobic walking dvd.

It snowed ALL day yesterday.... we got about 8-12" of snow.. but today is blue sky and sunshine so I am going to take the girls out to make a snowman...or attempt to anyway!

See Ya!
Have a Blessed day!


jeannie* said...

Love the hair! One thing I've learned from my mom is that hair grows back... so change it up!

I'm glad you posted the pictures even though it was hard. You may not look like you used to in them, but you still look beautiful in them! And you are making the changes necessary to change what you're unhappy about. And thats what matters. You have such a great attitude that you'll do just fine!

And craving fruits and veggies? What is this about? heehee.

Kellie said...

You're craving WHAT?!?! Whoa!! Where are you and how do I get there!!!

AS for the hair color, I think its great on you. But you are just so adorable anyway. I really get jealous of some of you guys. I have gained that extra pair of chins and I can't stand to see them in photos, but you guys all have these brilliant smiles and lovely faces!!

Anonymous said...

well you are still maximus gorgemubut you sure look different but now you are going to need to change your eye and and other girl war paint

Michelle said...

I like it!!!!!!! It really compliments your skin tone :) And oh yeah, I'm craving the fruits and veggies myself! A week off program thanks to the Biggest Loser auditions has me so sluggish!

You're beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love the new hair! I'm gonna have to vote for the Velvet dress!

Marshmallow said...

I love the hair, Tiger Lilly - you look hot! The hair goes great with your skin and your eyes; gorgeous! :-D

ArleneWKW said...

Craving fruits and veggies is a wonderful change. I notice that most veggies have a delicate sweetness to them that I like. I sometimes wonder if candy etc. was viewed as nutritious and veggies as bad if we'd be more attracted to the veggies. My 2cents re. the dresses: Velvet is softer to the touch and possibly more attractive to the guys because of that. But the lace dress looks more slimming. The scoop of the neckline brings the attention up to your face instead of well you know. I like your new hair color. It compliments your eyes.

Tee said...

I love your hair color...absolutely!!!

8-12 inches of snow has me humbled...I was complaining about the inch and a half that we got...I apologize. I hope the making of the snowman went well.

Enjoy your nite!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

love it!

and we got snow down here!

and the "d" party is Friday, if'n you can make it...

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

I LOVE the new hair!

Cory said...

I just love that new color! It looks fantastic on you. My beautician would shoot me if I died my hair, so that's not something I'll get to go through.

I can understand on the dresses. I have a dress that I can't wear anymore and it makes me sad. I finally packed it away. But you can always use these dresses as a good guage of how you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your goat. My Nathan was pretty "veklempt". He thought Billy was freaking rad! So anyway, you are doing awesome. Maybe if you were a crappy cook you would have an easier time. Try not cooking so damn good! Luv ya!